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German cartoons with German subtitles


I am looking for cartoons in German that I can watch with German subtitles. I am trying to train my listening in german and also expand my vocabulary. I would them to be really simple and easy to understand. The idea is to listen to the words and read the subtitle to connect both. I have used this technique before and it is really good in my opinion.

I have been watching "Peppa Wutz" but unfortunately they do not have German subtitles. (Only youtube autogenerated ones which are not that great)

Thanks a lot.

March 18, 2018



Hallo, Alfredo! Maybe this thread will be of interest.

I also like BookBox, but it seems all their videos don't have the German subtitles. It's worth a look though, and the exemple linked do have them onscreen.

Viel Glück!


And, I'm not sure those will be what you want either, but I generally love Learn out live for its ressources.



Thanks a lot for the help. I already saw those websites but most of them do not have subtitles. But I will keep on looking. :)

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I don't know about the cartoons but I wouldn't even recommend them. When I was learning English it took forever before I was able to watch cartoons comfortably. I could watch TV shows, movies and documentaries way before I could comfortably watch cartoons in English. It is because if you watch real people you can see face expressions, the way they articulate, body langauge, ... while in cartoon all of this is usually missing.

For beginner TV show with subtitles that is actually meant for language learners and includes subtitles you can watch Extra Deutsch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye3syTi_Ku4

You could also try Nicos Weg, it is a course for German learners that gradually goes from no knowledge to B1 level. It includes subtitles too. https://learngerman.dw.com/en/overview

I hope others can recommend some real TV shows with subtitles or even cartoons if you insist on it :-) I am not a big fan of subtitles though since it feels like speed reading course rather than learning the language.

Good luck :-)


Thanks for the help.

Yes, cartoons can also be difficult to watch. That's why I wrote this post to hear suggestions from other people. Not all cartoons are good to watch. The best ones are the one for very very young kids. They usually have a discovery sense to them.

For instance I was watching Pepa today in an episode about recycling. I was not able to understand it all ( I am only level A1 ) but I learned 2 colors for example. Yes I have read about colors before but now they are being used in a simple conversation. Also the sentence structure tends to be really simple.

I will give the suggested show a try also :)

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We all have our prefered ways to learn :-) Wish I could help you even better, perhaps someone else will.

Happy learning :-)


I just binge-watched all the episodes for Deutsch Extra ... Danke for the link!


How about The Adventures of Asterix? Maybe you already know those films in English, so you'll get the meaning in no time. ;) The problem of subtitles is that the text needs to be quite short in order to fit on the screen, that's why many subtitles aren't that great...

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