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Does listening to German native speaker helps in improving German?


I have recently started my internship where most of my colleagues speak in German. There are many meetings which takes place in German and I voluntary join them just to see how much I can understand.

So, my question and in the title as it said, does it help to improve German if you spend whole day in this type of an environment ?


March 18, 2018



If you want to be able to play tennis, you have a lesson or two, then you try to play. If you want to be able to paint, you see what you can find out on the internet, and you try to paint. If you want to be able to understand German, you do Duolingo, and you try to understand. Of course, when you start, you lose at tennis, your paintings, well ..., and you can only catch odd words and expressions from the meetings. As long as you realise that's normal when you start out, so you don't get demoralised, any listening that you are happy to do is beneficial. If you don't listen, you will never understand. (I think ally.x and I agree on this point!)

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Indeed :-)

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It should help you. Everything related to the language helps, even German radio speaking German in the background will somewhat help. If you go to a meeting where people speak German and you have some basic vocabulary under your belt (which you should have since you're using Duolingo) you should be able to pick up some words, eventually more and more of them... In other words there is no way this could harm your German learning, you can only benefit from it.

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