"¿Por qué ellos no nos escuchan?"

Translation:Why don't they listen to us?

7 months ago



I have a problem hearing the female speaker, but it sounds like she is saying "es-cu-TAN or es-cu-DAN rather than escuchan." Is this the way the word is properly pronounced?

3 months ago

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No, the ch in Spanish is pronounced like the ch in church.
This has been fixed with the female speaker at the top of the page. (1aug18)

3 months ago

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How would "Why don't they hear us" be?

¿Por que ellos no nos oyen? ?

3 months ago

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Cumeon: Very nearly, but the ellos is not needed. '¿Por qué no nos oyen?'
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All the best.

2 months ago


the voice says escudan not escuchan. your error

2 months ago


I was marked wrong and I wrote""" :Why don't they listen to us?"""

2 months ago


escudan????? That is what is sounds like.

2 months ago


She still says escuDAN in the slow speed

1 month ago


Could this also mean "Why won't they listen to us" or would another word be needed?

1 month ago


Yep. On slow/turtle the female speaker still says escuDAN. 10/19/18.

3 weeks ago


Porque estamos los niños en un libro para jóvenes

1 month ago


This is related to Community 2 strengthening exercises: There seems to be something wrong with the Strengthen function of “Community 2”. I did a lesson on March 12/18. Apparently I needed strengthening again on March 13/18. Strengthened again on March 17/18 and March 18/18 due to prompting. However, many of the words covered are not shown this morning in the “Words” tab, for example algunos, algunas, padres, niños, conozco, conoce, usualmente, enseñar, amar and a veces, and perhaps others. It was my understanding that when words were strengthened, they would be moved to the top of the Words list. Thanks for your help!

7 months ago


I prefer watching you tube rather than reading a web site.

2 months ago
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