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"The teacher can sing Chinese songs."


March 18, 2018



Why can't it be '老师会唱中文歌‘?


I think there are diiference words for Chinese as in the people, Chinese the language, Chinese the culture and Chinese the nationality


中文 translates to Chinese language. Perhaps it more accurately refers to written language though?


Yes, 中文 refers to written Chinese. I think it is not completely wrong and everyone would understand it, but actually, as soon as it is sung out loud, the 中文 becomes 汉语。You could say: 歌词是中文的。= The lyrics are in Chinese.


中文歌 is correct and should be accepted. Native speaker here.


Can we replace 会 with 能 in this sentence?


What's the difference between 汉语 and 中文?! Don't they both mean Chinese language?


Can it be 中国歌 instead of 汉语歌 if "Chinese" is interpreted as the nationality instead of the language? That was my original answer but it was rejected.


That is totally possible. The emphasis is more on "songs from China" then. So, the Chinese version of "Lemon Tree" would probably not be included. ;o)


Can it be "老师可以唱汉语歌”?


it depends on how you interpret "can", "可以“means the teacher is allowed to sing while “会" means is able to


Many are confused about the difference between 中文 and 汉语。These two are very much similar with the subtle difference in that, 中文 can also refer to the languages spoken by the indigeneous people (minorities) of china. There are 91% of han ethnic people (汉族人) in china, therefore the majoritiy. 9% of 55 groups of minorities in china have their own languages, their languages are also "中文". 汉语 spcifically refer to languages spoken by individuals of han ethnic(madarin, cantonese and many other dialects) . In vast majority of cases these two can be used interchangably.


Can it also be 老师可以唱汉语歌?

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