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"El año mil novecientos cincuenta."

Translation:The year nineteen fifty.

March 18, 2018



Why can't you use 1950 as an answer? Usually when you write out a year it's numerically


Right?! It has been allowing this all along, and suddenly it's wrong.


I wrote "1950" as well and it was marked wrong. Should be accepted


I'm ok with translations of the years, but get rejected for my pronunciation of ochocientos and novecientos every time, no matter how hard I try. Is it just me having trouble? Is there a particular quirk to the pronunciation that I'm not hearing?


Duolingo does not recognize the pronunciation of most of the higher numbers, no matter how well you pronounce them. Not only in Spanish, but in other languages such as Russian. This has been a problem for years. Apparently they’re never going to fix it.


And now I found the same thing happens in German. They should just drop all the speaking exercises for numbers higher than ten.


Thats a bit of a dis-incentive to spend money for Duo Lingi


crazy I can't pronounce it... no matter how often I try


Same for me. I am getting crazy


No, I tried many many many times and it gets stuck after mil, no matter how I say it.


Same with me. Usually I get it right after the first or second try but I can not get my pronunciation accepted for this one no matter how many times I repeat it. I have to choose "can't speak now" to get past it. Grrr!


Only reporting this to Duolingo is going to have any effect. Writing about it in the user forum will not help.


I use the iPad app, and I can get past it by repeatedly clicking on the button, After 3 tries, it gives up and I can go to the next exercise.


Every time this comes up as a speaking exercise it won't accept me saying this phrase even tbough I'm fairly certain i get it right. Its driving me crazy.


'Nineteen hundred' is most commonly used for thousands of years. 'One thousand nine hundred' would be used when referring to other values e.g. I have one thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars; he was born in nineteen hundred and fifty or he was born in nineteen fifty. Is it ever shorten like this in Spanish i.e. el ano novecientos cincuenta?


That would be the year 950. I think you mean something like diecinueve cientos, which I don't think you can do in Spanish. It's also longer to say than mil novecientos. However, I'd be happy to be corrected if something like diecinueve cientos does occur in the language.


It is not shortened like that in Spanish. You always start with "xx mil."


My pronunciation o ' el año novecientos cincuenta' is not corrrct thousand times!!!but I am not allowed to move to next lesson.please help


When I had something I couldn't pronounce correctly over and over i selected the cant


I selected the can't talk button and got out of the lesson. It just turns off the speaking lessons for an hour and gives you a non speaking version of the item


I try to tell the sentence, but He never doesn't recognize it... never :-(


I wrote, "el ano 1950" and got it wrong. Why is this wrong this time?


Because that means "the anus 1950"? jajajaja


The year Nineteen hundred and fifty should also be accepted


I prounnced it one by one and well and but still it doean't understand me


Why don't you correct this failure so many students have the same problem with this pronunciation every day the same


Duolingo doesn't accept my speaking although is was correct "el ano mil novecientos cincenta"


Something is wrong here. Duo does not accept any pronunciation. It must be a software.


I'm pronouncing it correctly but the app won't allow it. Seems like I'm not the only one!


I think one thousand nine hundred fifty is just as accurate as over thousand nine hundred and fifty.


Agree, but Duo doesn't


Again and again duolingo not accept my voice answer


So, skip it and move on - there is nothing to be gained by posting multiple complaints in this user forum


Also in this lesson the same refuse of my voiceanswer do something about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why does Duo never recognize large numbers (even when you record and play back Duo's own pronunciation)? This is very frustrating. I don't know how it passed testing. Its a big dis-incentive for Duolingo Plus; why spend money for a broken app?


Duo does not like my pronunciation at all. I cannot get past this!!!

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