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"QoQ vI'IjtaHvIS pIj jIwuQchoH."

Translation:I often get headaches while I'm listening to music.

March 18, 2018



I was told I used the wrong word "while" instead of "when":

You used the wrong word. When I listen to music, I often get headaches

When shouldn't be an option. That's {-DI'} not {-vIS}.


Using "while" with a non-continuous verb ("while I listen to music") sounds odd to me -- would you really say it like that and not as "while I am listening to music"?

I'll add it, though.


If I was describing a condition I would say it that way: "Doctor, while I listen to music I get headaches. Is there anything you can do to stop them?"


Odd! I would say that as "Doctor, when(ever) I listen to music I get headaches".

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of the English language.

(And it makes it hard sometimes to decide what's natural native usage and what's a second-language speaker mistake, since we see a lot of those on Duolingo from people for whom English is not a first language but who don't have a course based on their native language.)


I wouldn't bat an eye at either while or when here. I wonder whether using when like this is somewhat newer usage. A quick look at dictionary.com doesn't show the while meaning in when.


I used when and it was marked wrong. I only mention it because it seems to have been correct at some point in the past, according to what has been said in the discussion here.


Variations with "when" are still accepted. It might have been some other error. Or no error, but a variation we missed.


In general, use "while" for -taHvIS and "when" for -DI' on this course.


Note that when you get the tile exercise here, you will hear qoq (robot) from either speaker, because Duo doesn't know the difference between QoQ and qoq. Duo must be a techno fan.

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