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What is your favorite French Duolingo story from Set One?

Bonjour à tous!

I completed the first set of the French Duolingo Stories and wow are they amazing! The voice acting is fun and not robotic, you can hover over words you are not familiar with to see what they mean, the stories are all fun and humorous, etc. Also, each story isn't really long so they don't lose their welcome after time.

If you haven't done the stories, they are located under "Labs" in the Duolingo menu on your web browser. I do recommend doing it if you're most of the way through the French language tree so you don't get too frustrated looking up every word.

Thanks a bunch for these, Duolingo team!


For me, it's so hard to decide! I love the mystery of what's in the bag, the story with the surprise party, the cute one with the guy who wanted to talk to the woman by buying all the pain au chocolat in the bakery, how wild the one bird story got as it kept going (LOL), the marriage proposal, etc.

If I had to choose one, I guess it will have to be... "Pain au Chocolat du Matin." I guess it made me smile the most and the story was cute with the guy getting to buy the lady a coffee at the end despite his clumsiness.

So, what's your favorite story from Set One? (I will make one for Set Two and Three at a later date so people can catch up if they haven't started yet.)


March 18, 2018



Had to be La Boîte Secrète. My heart is still racing.


Haha, and I'm still wondering what the man really did for a living. Thanks for sharing! :-)


I love the "Retourne-toi", I was kinikilig by the end ayieeeee hahahahaha


I don't see "Retourne-toi" for set one or set two. Is this a set three story? If so, I can't wait to read that one! Thanks for sharing!


Update: I never knew they changed the title, it is know « Relation à distance »

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