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"We put the blankets on the bed."

Translation:Nous posons les couvertures sur le lit.

March 18, 2018



What about « mettre »« je mets; tu mets; il met; nous mettons; vous mettez; ils mettent «?


With the correct spelling (on met, no s) it should be accepted IMO.


Relox, I've often wondered this myself. Do you agree with this nuance made by a French poster on WordRef:

Je dirais que les 2 peuvent dire la même chose.

en revanche, le verbe "mettre" est beaucoup plus abstrait que "poser", c'est un mot passe-partout qu'on utilise dans beaucoup de situations différentes
"mettre" : ("mettre un vêtement", "mettre en lieu sur", "mettre ses enfants à l'école" etc.)

Tandis que "poser" a toujours le sens "poser un objet à un endroit précis"
Entre "poser son manteau sur la chaise" et "mettre un manteau sur la chaise", pas de différence

In English for the benefit of others:

I would say that both can say the same thing.

on the other hand, the verb "mettre" is much more abstract than "poser", it is an all-purpose word that one uses in many different situations
"mettre" : ("to put on a garment", "to put in place", "to put his children in school" etc.)

While" poser "always has the meaning of "to put an object in a specific place"

Between "put your coat on the chair" and "put a coat on the chair", no difference

Would you agree with that nuance? Merci d'avance.


Actually, I disagree with this poster. I would say that poser = to put (an object on another), whereas mettre = to putto set. Take the sentence of the discussion as an example:

  • "Nous mettons les couvertures sur le lit." This sentence means to 'set' the blankets on the bedto make the bed.
  • "Nous posons les couvertures sur le lit." As a native, I understand this sentence as literally putting the blankets, as a rounded mass, on the bed.

The same applies for the examples given above: mettre un vêtement = to put on a garment whereas poser un vêtement = to put a garment (somewhere), mettre ses enfants à l'école = to put his children in school and poser ses enfants à l'école = to put his children on the school...


Thanks for your reply, Amine. So, with your usage notes in mind, "Nous mettons les couvertures sur le lit" (as in "we made the bed") makes the most sense here.
Do you agree?


D'accord. Merci pour l'explication


Nous avons mis les couvertures sur le lit. was accepted


Is there a difference between "mettons" and "posons" or are they pretty interchangeable?


We put the blankets on the bed, is not making the bed.


Nous avons mis les couvertures sur le lit is not accepted. It should be . We put can be present or past and mettre definitely is put.

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