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  5. "Znáš ji také?"

"Znáš ji také?"

Translation:Do you also know her?

March 18, 2018



And if I want to say "Do you know HIM too?", would that be : Znáš ho (or "jeho") taký ??


Znáš ho také? Také is not a declinated word, it is an adverb, it has just one form, which is také (or colloquially taky).

Or: Znáš také jeho?


Yes, that would be - Znáš ho také? or when emphasizing "him" Znáš také jeho? Jeho znáš také?

Masculine pronoun has two forms depending on whether the pronoun is emphasized or not, feminine pronoun only one form "ji".

If it's a neutral sentence, the pronoun "him" is in clitical 2nd position and you use the short form "ho". When emphasizing the pronoun, you'll move it at the beginning or at the end and use the long form "jeho".

"Také" is an adverb, and you'll like adverbs, because they never get declined or conjugated. Instead of "také", in spoken language, you'll often hear "taky". It's another form of the same adverb.


Wow, what is it fascinating all this ;-) I am glad I wrote down the question! Thanks to both of you!!!


Which does this mean?
1. Do you too know her? (That is, you in addition to others who know her)
2. Do you know her too? (That is, her in addition to others whom you know)

  1. Znáš ji také?

  2. Znáš také ji?

(When sticking to the explanations in brackets.)


'Do you too know her?' Just sounds wrong - we wouldn't use that word order. But I would definitely say 'Do you know her as well?' 'Also' is too formal here for spoken English.


Do you know her too.

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