"Is it cold?"


March 18, 2018



wtf when it's さむい and さむく

March 18, 2018


さむい - adjective

さむく - adverb or followed by ない

March 19, 2018


さむい falls into the category of adjectives known as い-adjectives where い is the stem of the word.

So if you want to say "the weather is cold" you say: てんきがさむい

If you want to say "the weather is not cold" you must change the stem by replacing い with くand then attaching either of the negative forms: てんきがさむくない(です) or てんきがさむくありません

If you want to change the adjective into an adverb use the same process as forming the negative form by using く then add て.

That car is slow: あのくるまわはおそい

That car is not slow: あのくるまはおそくない

That car goes slowly あのくるまはおそくていきます

That car does not go slowly あのくるまはおそくていきません

May 11, 2018
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