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Do you like practicing with a timer or no?

Most of the time, I practice with the built in timer. For most skills, I can beat the timer, but sometimes I get a word or phrase wrong many times when practicing with the timer, because I am trying to go relatively fast. I worry about repeating the same error over and over and having less time to reflect on the error, read the correct answer, etc. because I am rushing forward.

What do you think? Do you suggest using the timer or no?

March 19, 2018



i don't like being rushed so i rarely use it, sometimes when i'm feeling really ambitious i will but otherwise not really


It depends on the language. I love using the timer for my Esperanto and Spanish, but never for Chinese because I am a lot slower in that language.


I have to switch things up to keep interested in the language. Timer sometimes like the rushing to understand, Showtime Spanish for relaxing, YouTube spanish classes, Duo daily for course, Language transfer audio course for explination, and spanish group that meets weekly/semi weekly. this combo is helping so much 430+ days still not fluent but I understand so much I feel like i'm so darn close...


I like using the timer occasionally to test if I can quickly respond and get 100% of the questions correct. For other lessons that I know I need more time and the material is not solid, I don't use the timer. I think it is more important to go through the material carefully.


After I complete an entire lesson, I do timed practice a few times of just that lesson until I get all of the answers right, even if i run out of time, to make sure I understood it. It works very well for me!



But for example in Spanish to English -course it's not really functional, as that course has a lot of very long sentences, so not only it takes time to type the correct answer, a minor typo can undo all the work.


It can be harder, but I wouldn´t say it´s not funcitional. The course seems to give quite a bit of extra time for the longer sentences, so if you can get through the first couple, you have a fighting chance of getting through most or all of the questions.


I should use the timer, but I like to know that I'm getting my 10 points for the day. I once lost my streak because I used the timed practice and didn't quite get enough points. I find the timed practice is good for early tasks that you are well acquainted with, and just want to get your tree gold quickly.

Yes, these are really petty reasons for deciding which strategy to use.


I don't use it, but I go as fast as possible anyway ...


I use about half and half. I think regular practice and timed practice both have their own set of advantages.

Regular practice gives you time to think, to try to figure out what you did wrong (where applicable), and to browse the sentence discussions.

Timed practice approximates a real world situation, where you don't have time to think, but just need to muddle through as quickly and as close to accurately as you can.


No i do not because I have to figure out things in time

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