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"Im Traum fliegt der Pinguin nach Afrika."

Translation:In his dream, the penguin flies to Africa.

March 19, 2018



why is this in his dream, rather than in the dream? Where is "his" implied?


It could also mean "In the dream...". German often uses an article instead of a possessive pronoun where the context makes it clear, so "In his (the penguin's) dream..." is one possible interpretation, and possibly the first one a native German would think of.


So this would specifically be referring to the penguin's dream, rather than, say, the dream of a man that had been mentioned in a previous sentence?


Thanks to your explanation, I got to understand what "im Traum" here mean!


Im Traum is a bit idiomatic, it roughly means something like dreaming, but to translate it well, you need the context. I think Duo's version is not bad here.

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    ❤❤❤ about 'his'


    German word for "his" is not there


    'In his dream the penguin flies to africa.' should be accepted surely?


    Why is "his" accepted here, when it wasn't accepted in the exercise about the zebra's stripes? The zebra had to be an "it".

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    There is nothing in the question to suggest that the penguin is male. Just because the article is "der" does not automatically make for a male any more than using the article "das" implies that "Mädchen" is sexless.


    Typing area during typing is not now visible. I suppose it happened after the increase of size of animation.


    What the hell is this You must correct this sentence In seinem traum ist richtig

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