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font seems inappropriate

Can you please see if Duolingo is willing to use a font that clearly distinguishes lower case L from upper case I? I understand that they are actually different in the current font (Il), but it could be a lot clearer. Combined with the lack of audio and the... well... alien way in which letters from the Latin alphabet are used, it seems to make it unnecessarily difficult to me. Thanks!

March 19, 2018



Agreed. It is difficult to make out the difference.


For the small L, there is a slight curl at the bottom, otherwise they look nearly the same.


Thank you, you are correct. I will keep a closer eye on it!


Yes. I always look for that.


I noticed that too. There is an extension in the Chrome Web store called Font Changer. Using this extension, you can change the font on websites to a different font.

I have it installed on my Chrome browser and I am using Verdana font. Verdana distinguishes between lower case L and capital i.

So that is one thing you can do for now to overcome this problem with Klingon.

If you choose "Global Font" on Font Changer, it will change the fonts on all your websites. If you only want to change the font on one site, you have to specify that in the Options settings.


Nice idea. I have this iss ue too.


Just using a serif font would be enough. I know that the Klingon Dictionary does in some places (but doesn't in others?) and it is so much easier to read when in the serif font. (For those of you who aren't font nerds, serif refer to the little bits on the ends of the letters that stick out, such as on Times New Roman)


Does anyone know what font it is?


Museo Sans

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