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  5. "They eat."

"They eat."

Translation:Elles mangent.

March 21, 2013



How do I know its masculine?! This is driving me nuts..


Il= masculine singular elle= feminine singular Ils= masculine plural Elles-femining plural :)


Both masculine and feminine should be accepted for this exercise. If it's not, use the "report a problem" feature.


What's the difference in sound between il manges and ils mangent? Because there appears to be none. Is this why the french are so grumpy?


"il manges" is not correct French, but "il mange" is. And there is no difference in pronunciation between "il mange" and "ils mangent". And I honestly don't get why it would make French people grumpier than anyone else.


If there is no difference in pronunciation of "il manage" and "ils mangent" then when listening how do we know which version is correct?


You don't. That's why both should be accepted for the listening exercise.


Since I've seen many questions on the conjugation, here is the conjugation of the verb "manger" to the "présent de l'indicatif" :

  • I eat = Je mange
  • You eat = Tu manges
  • He/She/It eats = Il/Elle/On mange
  • We eat = Nous mangeons
  • You eat = Vous mangez
  • They eat = Ils/Elles mangent

For more information: http://french.about.com/od/verb_conjugations/a/manger.htm

If you have questions which are not answered in this comment or in the link provided, feel free to ask. Questions already answered will be deleted.

Thanks for your understanding.


Can someone tell me what the difference between You eat-Tu manges and You eat- Vous mangez?


"vous" is used both for the plural "you" and for the formal "you".

So the difference between "tu manges" and "vous mangez" is either about the number of people you're talking to or the kind of person you're talking to.


Why I cant write elles mangent???


I believe when it is a group of females, the feminine "Elles" is used. If there is a man in the group of people eating, or it is unknown, the masculine term is always used first and foremost. "Ils Mangent". If this is wrong can someone please correct me?


why ils and not vous ?


"vous" = "you" (plural) or "you" (formal singular)


Do you know when to use Ils instead of Elles?


"ils" is for masculine plural, "elles" is for feminine plural. Note that "ils" is used as well for mixed groups.


And what about the "Eux mangent" ? Incorrect also?


"eux" is the disjonctive form of "ils", it could work in this exercise but is kind of tricky to accept as the disjonctive form isn't really learned at this stage of the course (also, just "Eux mangent." as a sentence, even though it's correct French, would be very rare and seem weird if used alone).

Something more commonly used with "eux mangent" could be something like: "Eh bien eux mangent. au moins." ("Well at least they eat.").


how come lls manges wouldn't work?


The conjugation of "manger" for the third person plural is "mangent".


Why is 'Ce mangent' wrong?


"Ce" = This

  • "Ce pain est à moi" = "This bread is mine"


Never mind. I was thinking of 'ce' as in 'ce sont' (they're), but of course then it should be 'ce sont mangent' (they are eat) which is just wrong.


Are the s's silent

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