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"Ta coiffure est d'une grande beauté"

Translation:Your hairstyle is beautiful

March 19, 2018



Should also include: "Your hair is beautiful" as hair in English often colloquially refers to haircut or hairstyle.


Not a native French speaker, and if one comes along, it'd be excellent to have their input, but if one starts Googling for different combinations, it quickly starts to look like the situation in French is not likely to be so different. There are 9 results for each of "Ta coiffure est belle" and "Ta coiffure est jolie" but over 100 for "Tes cheveux sont beaux" and 50 for "Tes cheveux sont jolis".


coiffure and cheveux are different. A coiffure is an arrangement of the hair.


Yes they are different in French. In English, though, one often says "hair" when referring to a hairstyle. "I like your hair" does not mean that I have a fondness for the strands of dead keratin that protrude from your head but that I appreciate what you have done (or have had done) to / with your hair.

Oui, ils sont différents en français. En anglais, cependant, "cheveux" se réfère souvent à la coiffure. "J'aime tes cheveux" ne veut pas dire que j'ai un penchant pour les brins de kératine morts qui dépassent de ta tête mais que j'apprécie ce que tu as fait à / avec tes cheveux.


Thank you for making this clear to those that do not speak English as their native language


You're welcome. I'm Scottish and English is my "official" language, even though we use a lot of different words in Scotland. I am trying to improve my French and Spanish - not just the words but to be clearer in the way I explain things.

Vous êtes très gentil. Je suis écossais et l'anglais est ma langue "officielle", même si nous utilisons beaucoup de mots différents en Écosse. J'essaie de m'améliorer en français et en espagnol - pas seulement les mots mais d'être plus clair dans la façon dont j'explique les choses.


J'espère que tout le monde suit votre exemple et commence à donner des explications complètes.

I hope everyone follows your lead and starts giving full explanations


I would never say, "hairdo" or "hairstyle" in English, nor would anyone I know. "Your hair is beautiful" would be more fitting to modern conversation. It should be accepted.


"Hairdo" is very old-fashioned but "hairstyle" is frequently used in modern parlance. "coiffure" does not translate to "hair".



This does not look like the usage graph of a "very old-fashioned" word.


Sorry ... some Duo users are "old" !!!


These ''flirting'' lessons are awful but they can be hilarious and the comments are a gold mine so I can't tell if I wasted 30 lingots,or is it just money well spent


"Your hairstyle is beautiful"?? Would not, "You have beautiful hair," more suit the topic of flirting?


One woman very often complements another woman on her hairstyle - no flirting involved.


The topic is flirting. I would not say to a woman "your hairstyle" or "your hairdo" (the translation given to me) is beautiful, but your hair is beautiful. After all, it's her your flirting with, not her hairdresser!


Perhaps she did the hairstyle (eg chignon) herself. Anyway, woman aren't mindless robots - we "tell" the hairdresser what style we want → we choose the style.


This is still the FLIRTING lesson.


True, but I don't think that really applies to how to properly translate the French language.


One woman often compliments another woman on her hairstyle - flirting involved


This happens to me all the time. It gets me the chance to show off my maternal grandmother. I have a picture of her at 19. I also have her hair.


You are right. "Tu as de beaux cheveux?"


I pitty the men who flirt like this...just ask if they like bread


Hair-do, perhaps a bit colloquial, but an American excpression.


I put 'your hairdo is beautiful'. It was marked wrong, while in a previous lesson, it was marked as an alternate answer.


I agree it should be accepted. It seems to accept hair-do but not hairdo which is the cited spelling here:

Report it if you get it again.


when you run outta things to say

Hi beautiful, you hair really compliments your eyeballs.


But what about my personality? Duo: N O B O D Y C A R E S


After someone has noticed how wonderful your personality is, if you went to the trouble and expense to have your hair professionally done, you would want someone to notice. This would not be said to someone who ran put of the house with her hair wet, as I often do.


"Your hair-do is beautiful." should be accepted.


"hairdo" and "hair-do" are both accepted now


Who says hairstyle when they are flirting????


Can't we say "Ta coiffure est beau"?


“Beau” cannot be used as the adjective would have to match the gender of the word being described, so it would have to be “belle.”


Everyone gets the same set of exercises twice?


If you're talking about the "Flirting" unit specifically, then yes, I've noticed that too (same thing with the "Idioms" unit)! :)


Wow-thanks duo just got it done.....


"Coiffeur" can be used in English.


“Coiffeur” is a hairdresser - the one who creates the coiffure. “Coiffure” is a hairdo/hairstyle but is only occasionally used.


Why does Beauty in french sound like booty?!


It is pronounced more like [boh tay (without the y sound, just long o and long a].


Why d'une is used ?


It is a common French expression, closest to “of great beauty”, but we would really just say “beautiful.”


Why can't you say, "Ta coiffure est belle" or "Ta cheveux est belle"? Sorry, I am still learning basics!


I think those are also acceptable translations except "cheveux" is plural and masculine so it would be « Tes cheveux sont beaux. » Whether a francophone would actually say this is another story... Anyone want to comment?


Can someone explain why there is 'de' before 'une' in this situation. I am trying to understand the usage of preposition like these and overall the reasoning of the usage of 'de' here from a grammatical point of view.


“Her hairstyle is of great beauty.” Why are expressions the way they are? You say that a person has great beauty. Beauty is a quality in the form of a noun. You could have a completely different sentence with an adjective: “She has a beautiful hairstyle.”
The sentence, that Duolingo is using, puts more emphasis on her hairstyle than on her. You could say “Her hairstyle is beautiful.” It is much less dramatic. “The preposition is there because “beauty” is a noun that is used about a person or sometimes about a beautiful animal and it is being used with the verb “to be” instead of the verb “to have.” Many women are beautiful, but it is less common to call a woman a beauty. It emphasizes that she is not just beautiful, but she is also an uncommon beauty, So, “She is beautiful.” is a compliment, but “She is a beauty.” is a step up, a higher compliment and the next step up is “She is of great beauty.” It is an older form and much less commonly used, so it stands out as a higher compliment, though some people would find it too formal. Most people would just say that her hairstyle is beautiful or even that her hair is beautifully done.

In French, you could also say “Ta coiffure est belle.” which is the version with the adjective “Your hairstyle is beautiful.” Someone probably paid a lot of money for this hairstyle and the other person is feeling like paying a higher, more formal compliment so this sentence is used “Ta coiffure est d’une grande beauté,“. I think I would say “I like what you did with your hair.”, but then Americans prefer informal versions most of the time and even if it is what I would say in the situation, it is not a translation of this sentence.


your hair is beautiful

me:what do you mean


rip in peace lil peep


Yoy alredy said that


well maybe I have to say that the most beautiful people are the Georgians


la catégorie vente appartement à sont le je suis un garçon


Can we just say Ta coiffure est belle?


Isn't it like a compliment. It's not exactly flirting. Because if you tell your friend that her hair looks nice it doesn't mean that you're flirting with her. Duh!


What about if you exaggerate and say that her hair has great beauty? That extra bit is over the top, wouldn’t you say? She might look at you strangely, but she might take the flattery from a boyfriend.


I wrote 'your hairstyle is magnificent' - which is closer to what one would really say in this century, isn't it? The owl of corse doesn't agree :-(


Magnificent = magnifique


I know, my dear, but tell me frankly - would anybody ever say to a woman he fancies Your hairstyle is beautiful? I see you also learn Portuguese and I just wanted to intruduce a little bit of jocular spirit from that community which I find very uplifting. Anyhow, thank you for remark :-)


Well, it doesn’t have to be a man speaking at all. Women often say this to each other.


I hope big ship :D


Is this a subtle way of saying, "Woof, you're ugly, but your hairstyle is great! ?


I think "Your hairstyle is really beautiful" translates better.


I don't know if any women who like women would find this useful. But it's nice of her to say it to another woman. But, I don't think she's flirting. Women who aren't threatened by an other woman's good look will complement her.


Your eyes are also beautiful


Your eyes are so pretty


Who the hell says that.


Is there any difference in 'beauté' depending on if you're talking to a man or woman? Masculine form being 'beauté' and feminine form being 'beautée' ?


I must admit this entire lesson is just pathetic for 1000,-


I am reporting all the "grand beaute" ones, apparently French people do not actually use that for the word "beautiful"


Is this more flirty than just ta coiffure est belle?


Can I say: [Tu es d'une grande beauté / Você est d'une grande beauté] to a woman, or is it only for attributes?

  • « Vous êtes ... »

I don't know the answer to your [very valid] question though! :)


Seriously, only a NERD would say that


Nerds are people too & just as deserving of learning French! :D


I got a restraining order thanks to this


who comments a hairstyle? a mortal desparate one... ;} lmfao


Not sure what you mean by the second part of your answer, but note that it should be "Who comments on..."! :)


Thank you Duo (but you are wrong my hairstyle is pretty battered!)


This might be pretty flirting. For women, hair means everything.


This might be flirting


I take is as " Your hairstyle is a big beautiful." I didnt know you needed to add grande before beaute.


What is the difference between Ta and Ton?


Both mean "your" but « ta » is used for a singular feminine object starting with a consonant sound & « ton » is used for a singular masculine object OR a singular feminine object starting with a vowel sound; for completeness, the plural for masculine and feminine nouns is « tes » ! :)


I m waiting for someone so that i can use this sentence in life before die


Ohh Thank you Dear


Ohh Thank you dear


The preposition "de" in front of a vowel sound such as "une" contracts to "d'une."


On English, we would say " your hair is nice"


Ta coiffure est d'une grande beauté alors seras-tu ma petite copine


Is there any replacement for beautiful? It's too long i think.. d'une grande beauté..


This is an expression that Duolingo is teaching you which is literally "of great beauty", but it is more common than in English.

The regular word for beautiful is "belle" for a feminine singular word, "belles" for a feminine plural word, "beau" for a masculine singular word, "beaux" for a masculine plural word and "bel" for a masculine singular word that starts with a vowel sound.

Okay, now that I look back at all that, I see why Duolingo might have chosen this expression to teach us for now.


Dictionaries usually list by the masculine singular form, but normally list all forms there, for example "beau".


This, and the previous question, have no audio, except for when you tap the highlighted word (beaute). Tapping the speaker does nothing. Thanks!


I put "your hairstyle is very beautiful", which I think should be accepted as a translation of "GRANDE beauté"


If they wanted to put "very beautiful", then they would have put "très belle."


why is "grande beauté" translated as "beautiful" by Duo???? It should be translated as of great beauty, of inmense beauty, of exceptional beauty, etc.


Try reporting them as also correct.


The voice for the text isn't working


Your-Ta coiffure-hairstyle Est-Is D'une grande beauté-beatiful

There i am done i dont have time to really explain like a teacher to his/her confused students.

Kind Regards Kristy Diadore

23 October 2020 19:32


This is pretty hard figure out!


Lol, no sound in this sentence


Breakdown of the sentence.


Ta is the Femenine way of your. Ton is the Masculine way of "YOUR."


Coiffure is hairstyle. Chevaux is hair.

Est d'une grande|•Is

You could've just said est but it's being more specific. D' is used after a vowel or a silent h.


When you first see the word, you might think of •Beauty• and yes, that's what first came to my mind. But bel (in French) is used in men. Look "C'est un bel homme." Bel is handsome. Belle (Femenine French form) is beautiful, just like beauté.

HTH. I'm not that 100% fluent in French but I really hope that this information has been of great help!! Bonne journée!!❤️☺️♥️


" D' " comes before a word that starts with a vowel sound.


Good start! :) But some other corrections:

  • « ta » is the feminine form of "your"
  • « cheveux » is "hair"; « chevaux » is "horses"
  • « beauté » does indeed mean "beauty" not "beautiful"; what this sentence actually translates to literally is "Your hairstyle is of (a) great beauty."
  • "beautiful/handsome" is « beau(x) » for a masculine noun starting with a consonant sound, « bel » for a masculine noun starting with a vowel sound & « belle(s) » for feminine nouns


Le langage de l'amour as used in mid-western pick-up bars. Very amusing section to unlock but clearly Duo's talents lie in teaching language rather than relationship skills!


Stupid lesson. Lecon stupide. Vraiment.


It would be so very helpful if they can provide the pronounciation for these sentences as well,like the rest.


It used to be there. Someone must have complained about the pronunciation by the tts voice, so they may have taken it off.


No sound sometimes


the sound is not working


Please explain how to use votre , vos , tes etc. for your


If I am talking to one person you and you are a friend, child, member of my family or even God, the father or son (thou), I will use "tu" to talk to you and

"ta" for "your" if the word that belongs to you is feminine and singular in French,

"ton" if the word that belongs to you is masculine and singular in French and

"tes" if the word that belongs to you is plural.

Also, "my" uses the forms "ma", "mon" "mes" in the same way and both "his" and "her" and even "their" all translate to "sa" for a feminine thing owned, "son" for a masculine thing owned or "ses" for a plural thing owned.

If I am talking to more than one of you or someone who is not familiar to me, than I must use "vous" for "you" and

"votre" for " your" for any singular noun that belongs to you and

"vos" for any plural noun that belongs to you.

Also, "our" translates to "notre" for a singular thing owned and "nos" for a plural thing owned.


I cant get the audio for this sentence


Why is it "d'une" and not "une"


Hairstyle is outdated. THIS IS LAME


la catégorie vente



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