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About: Languages in Klingon

How do you say some languages' name in Klingon?

March 19, 2018



This website (reporting an email from Marc Okrand) provides some guidance:


Apparently, the idea is to take the name of the place where the language is spoken (rendered into Klingon phonetics) and add “Hol”.

So, French is “vIraS Hol” and German is “DoyIchlan Hol”.

For English, the course uses “DIvI’ Hol”. I believe “DIvI’” means “Federation”, so that “DIvI’ Hol” means the “language of the Federation”, meaning (I would assume) the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek.

I will leave it to the experts to comment further.


I don't really have anything to add :)

Your post is correct, as far as I can see, except for the minor typo in vIraS with the lowercase i.

For what it's worth: on this course, we generally accept the two names "English" and "Federation Standard" for DIvI' Hol -- one real-world name and one Star Trek name. (The language also goes by other names in Star Trek, but Federation Standard is what we've mostly standardised on in the course.)


Thanks; the typo is fixed! :-)


One correction: it's not just the place where the language is spoken, but the group by which the language is spoken. So, while vIraS Hol is the language of France, you also have tlhIngan Hol, the language of Klingons, because their language spans more than just one region or planet.

It basically works the same as the way languages are identified in English.

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