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  5. "yIjaH 'ej yIyemQo'!"

"yIjaH 'ej yIyemQo'!"

Translation:Go forth, and sin no more.

March 19, 2018



What constitutes a Klingon sin?


You'll have to ask the Klingon philosophers and theologians. That's too deep a question for us Klingon linguists.

[deactivated user]

    Running away from a battle, betraying your friends, and dying not in battle, I guess, from what I've read of The Klingon Way.


    Assuming this to be a Klingon translation of an English sentence, I would have expected the Klingon to be yIjaH 'ej yIyemqa'Qo'!


    The English is a well known aphorism, but it doesn't properly reflect the Klingon. To render the English sentence in Klingon would surely require the use of the suffix -qa' to indicate that sinning had previously occurred. The use of -Qo' does not suggest the previous behavior explicitly referenced by "no more."

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