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How to continue studying?

I got a chinese tree whatever and now I have no lessons anymore. Any help?

March 19, 2018



I haven't finished the tree. I am about 30 lessons from finishing.

I refuse to go more than 10 lessons ahead with mastering them. And by this, I mean being able to do them in 'timed practice' with typing for Chinese instead of clicking the character boxes.

Sometimes I will just do 'strength lessons' and practice trying to only listen and then answer without reading as well as trying to say the answer out loud before I type it out if answering in Chinese.

Just try different things. The reverse tree is okay so far. I am only like 12 lessons in though.


If you mean that you finished the tree and don't have any more lessons that is just the way duolingo works. Keep reviewing what you have learned here, and explore other resources to learn more. (Duolingo only teaches you the basics.)


How confident are you with the existing lessons? I finished the tree last month and I still struggle to remember most of the characters and tones. I think I'm gonna revise the materials everyday for awhile until everything sticks in my brain.

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