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'Am' oder 'Im' Mögeldorf

I want to say "Das Fitnessstudio ist im Mögeldorf". Is that right or should i say 'am' Mögeldorf?

March 19, 2018

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Whatever you want to say, but if the fitness center is situated in a community/part of a city called "Mögeldorf", the it is "in Mögeldorf". This would be the most commonly used form.

If it is, say, in a shopping mall called "Mögeldorf", then it is "im (shopping center called) Mögeldorf"

If it is at the Mögledorf square or at a well-known site in your town called "Mögeldorf" (maybe the Mögeldorf Monument) you might say "es ist am Mögeldorf"

in = within the city of ...

im = "in dem"

am = nearby the place mentioned

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