Just got done pretending that I cannot speak English to a phone solicitor.

It was 8:15 AM when the phone rang.Me being in a fun mood decided to use my newly acquired "'language skills'" to avoid communicating with the sales person calling way to early.

Answers the Phone

Me: ¿ allo ?

Sales Person: Hello

Me: ¿ allo ?

Sales Peron: Hello ? Do you speak English?

Me: Lo siento, actualmente no puedo hablar en Ingles.

Sales persona hangs up.


March 19, 2018


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That's really funny, but you have to be careful. Sometimes, "people" call just to hear you say "yes" or "no" or anything (even in another language). Then they use that to order stuff from your accounts. (By the way, somebody called me once saying I had a virus on my computer connected to the internet, but I didn't have any computer that had EVER my connected to the internet!)

March 19, 2018

I had the virus one before. I said I don’t have a computer, which seemed to shock them.

Then they started saying the virus was on my phone, I said I don’t have a phone either.

They the hung up on me.

still don't get how they called you then.XD XD

yeah that has been going around

Fun. I have called customer service and pressed 2 for Spanish and explained I wanted to practice. Everyone has been super nice and helped me :)
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Haha, I'll have to try that one some time. Thanks for the tip.

Perhaps it would also be funny to switch to another language after every time the salesperson said something.

Excellent use of your language skills :)

I did this once with German when I was young. The sales lady called over to one of her buddies to ask "how do you say...", which I responded when she asked me in German, and she was like "lol, i don't really speak German". I eventually hung out and rolled on the floor laughing.

I had a buddy in college who would occasionally pretend not to speak English, but only French (mainly when strangers tried to get his attention). It backfired on him once when a Chinese professor also spoke French.

I'm definitely gonna answer with もしもし the next time I get a cold call...

your name is exeptional

moshi moshi strange-kun?

That is hilarious

jajaja, excelente, me gusta

Yes, I am guilty of doing this too.

OMG! That was like savage. Here, a Lingot. You just won my respect, young man.

This. is. legendary.

When a telemarketer call me I just tell them to hold on and I find someone nearby and say it’s there Mum calling or something and hand them the phone.

But I might try another language next time.

A tip to add to my book XD

Jajajajajaja! Me gusta!

That's funny. I did the same thing and they said, "I'm sorry, we cannot speak to anybody about this opportunity unless they can speak English," I said, "No entiendo." They hung up. hahahaha

¡Jajaja, muy bien! He querido probar esto :)

lol, if only I had that idea.

Nice work :D I'm dying

rolls over the floor laughing

best way to get rid of phone solicitor.

Awesome! Muy bien! Necesito probar esto!

Well done. I want to try this now :)

Hahahaha!! This is amazing! I should try it with french as well!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! So funny!!!! Here's a lingot!

Awesome! Great use of your second (third?) language. Made me grin. :D

Did you mean to say "I cannot PRESENTLY speak English"? That's what actualmente means.

Yea, that is what i meant, "I cannot PRESENTLY speak English"

lol this is hilarious

LOL. I would have done the same thing! I have a friend who asks telemarketers if they ordered pizza from Pizza Hut! Needless to say, they hung up quickly. At least you are putting your Spanish to good use! ;)

good idea I've always wanted to try it.

oh my...! jajajjajaja! Too funny :3 o debo decir demasiado divertido :3

Maybe I try the same in English ;)

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