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  5. "Il vend des voitures."

"Il vend des voitures."

Translation:He sells cars.

March 21, 2013



Voiture means vehicle as well as car, too, doesn't it? The dictionnaire says so...


Not really, a "voiture" is indeed a vehicle, but it means "car". I can't think of any sentence where we would use "voiture" to mean "vehicle". If you have examples feel free to post them.


Vehicle can mean many other things like bus for example


sometimes train carriage is called voiture (at least in Belgium). i wonder why can't you translate this sentence as "he sells some cars"?


I had the same question - how come sometimes "des" means some, and in this sentence is just means "he sells cars"??


"des" doesn't mean "some".

"des" is an indefinite article for plural nouns which doesn't exist in English.

So basically :

"Il vend des voitures" = "He sells cars"

However, in English "some" can have a function of emphasis instead of defining the quantity, so it can be used when there is no defined quantity.

Like so :

"Il vend des voitures." = "He sells some cars"

Finally, when "some" is used for quantity purposes, it can be translated as "quelques" or "un peu de", depending if the noun is a countable object or an uncountable object.


What's the difference between "Il vend" and "Ils vendent", in terms of pronunciation? Merci


In "Il vend", the "d" is not pronounced.

Keep in mind that "ent" and the "s" in "Ils vendent" are not pronounced either.


Thanks but it is a little too subtle for me with only one functioning ear. But thank you anyway. I will try to listen more carefully.


It would be subtle in this example, because the "d" sound at the end of "vendent" would run into the "d" sound at the beginning of "des". I believe an experienced ear would still catch it, because there would be a slight lingering on the "d" sound. Actual Francophones feel free to correct me here.


I wrote "They sell cars" and was marked wrong. How should I have told it was singular and not plural?

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