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  5. "vIqraq 'oH nagh beQ'e'."

"vIqraq 'oH nagh beQ'e'."

Translation:A painting is a work of art.

March 19, 2018



shouldn't the -'e' go on "nagh"?



If a noun is followed by an adjective, then type-5 (syntactical) suffixes such as -'e' go on the adjective, not the noun.

The example used in The Klingon Dictionary is veng tInDaq "in the big city" (veng "city", tIn "be big", -Daq locative suffix).


What's wrong with, "A painting is an artificial object."?


In English the word "artificial" is used to imply that something is fake or false. The etymology of "artificial" does have to do with things being made rather than being natural, but the word vIqraq definitely focus more on the aesthetic value of something made rather than on the falseness of something made. Thus "artificial" does not seem to be a good synonym here.


I understand what you mean. But I often use "artificial" to mean man-made (wool, maple syrup, etc.). The Tips and Notes really do emphasize the "man-madeness" of a thing, rather than it's aesthetic value. I had considered, "made-by-hand", or, "man-made". Would one of those have worked better? (Klingon art appreciation is a little hard for me to wrap my mind around.)


Like Klingon colors are.


Maybe I'm confusing, "nagh beQ" with "beQ nagh.". ?

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