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  5. "我不喜欢听他的音乐。"


Translation:I don't like to listen to his music.

March 19, 2018



My boss plays the internet radio every day in the office and makes all of the rest listen to it. He says studies have shown music improves productivity. Somehow though I think his music lowers it. I need this phrase.


Well other studies have shown that employees hate hearing music during work.


Is there a way to differentiate between "the music he makes" (aka he is an artist and i dislike his music) vs "the music he listens to" (aka my boss playing music in the office)?


Not really. If you say in English, "his music" I don't think you know I either. In Chinese, you could literally say "the music he makes" “他做的音乐“


Yinyue suddenly becomes yin le when selected individually. Been confused at the audio part


Because 樂 has two pronounciation and meaning. 'Yuè' for the meaning of 'music'. 'Lè' for the meaning of 'joyful,happy'


I've been wondering, cause I have not been asked yet by Duo to speak Chinese : is it understandable if I talk without truly respecting the accents which are written ? The audio seems to change how they pronounce the characters related to the characters near so ...


22nd June 2019 No way to tell between 他 and 她 in the listening exercise. I got marked wrong for writing 她.


If you cannot tell from context, most native speakers assume it's 他


I don't remember seeing gender marks with the adjectives so I'm really not sure we can


Should "I don't like listing to his music" have been accepted? It was marked wrong


Listing? Well yeah that would be marked wrong - listening is the word you're after


My answer:"I DON'T LIKE TO LISTEN TO HIS MUSICS" was rejected. Why? What in this "question" indicates music instead of musics?


"Music" is a mass noun in English and has no plural form, the same as milk for example.


Ooo OK Thanks TydalM.


他 sounds like "kā"


"I dont like his music" is wrong?


"I do not like to listen to his music" was incorrect. May I suggest that this needs to be revised?


Yes but not here on the forum. Report it.


I believe Dualingo is not teaching this correctly. When I took my Chinese course the BEST teachers said practice writing your English sentences and paragraphs in a Chinese structure. Don't go back and forth. I already know ho to write in English. She said the best way to read and write in Chinese was to practice speech patterns and writing in a Chinese pattern. When you are trying to learn one system why go between two its to confusing! I only need to know the right answer on a test.


So Duolingo wanted to interpret 他/她 audio as always female...and suddenly it only accepts male. Get a grip Duolingo!


I do not like listen to his music. Why dont accept?


I agree.. maybe it should be grammatically correct


Dv4CB, you understood the Mandarin. Your English answer is not correct English though (it should be "I do not like to listen to his music"). In English you always "listen to" something. You use "hear" all by itself, though (never say "hear to").


Could you also say "I don't like listening to music" as the definition?


no, it specifies that the music belongs to 他

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