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how do you translate 'he walks away'

are the best translations for 'he walks away' the following:

il s’éloigne
il s'en va

or are there better translations

March 19, 2018



"il marche au loin" i think. Well, it's this form word per word


That would be "he walks in the distance".


...i thought au loin could be translated as "away" or "far away" as well


Far away (= in the distance) I saw a house = Au loin j'ai vu une maison. Is it far away? (=far from here) = Est-ce que c'est loin? "Away" after verbs of movement, as in the original post.


Try Reverso. You will see that it means many different things in English that translate differently in French. Some possibilities: He abandons; he leaves; he escapes or the plain putting one foot in front of the other in a direction away from something.


"Il part" is possible too. Il s'éloigne is a bit more literary. None have the specific meaning of "walk" of course, as opposed to driving away, but it is probably not necessary unless really essential in the context.


il s'en va à pied


Sure, but as I said, it isn't usually used if we understand from the context that he was on foot. It will sound unnatural if you do.


you are right Peter, i agree


Yes! just go to a new tab and put Google Translate and it'll pop up trust me.


Google Translate: Il s'éloigne > he moves away Il s'en va > he goes away Il s'éloigne à pied > he walks away il s'en va à pied > he goes off on foot

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