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  5. "They arrived at a solution."

"They arrived at a solution."

Translation:Ellas llegaron a una solución.

March 19, 2018



Umm, shouldn't "Ellos" be accepted as well as "Ellas"? Especially since there is no clue first that all of "They" are not necessarily female.


Exactly. How are we to know?


Yes, bit unfair to rule 'ellos' as wrong


FFS Duolingo, "they" does not specify male or female!


Also, it should accept just llegaron, without ellos OR ellas. I just reported that.


I agree and have reported it


Well, as of today, they still haven't fixed it. I had the same 'ellos' vs. 'ellas' problem. Hope it gets fixed soon. So frustrating!


I agree...it could have been a mixed group. I think duolingo is wrong on this..either should have been accepted.


OK the general rule is : llegar a + infin / (place) but why is this not reflexive? This seems to me to be a figurative use of llegar provided by themselves rather than arriving at some place in a vehicle.


Where did you get the idea that the reflexive would be used in that scenario?


I was thinking that some group activity among themselves must have occurred for the solution to be agreed. Them arriving at a solution also reminded me of them meeting at some location or some point of time, which can be reflexive in Spanish, I think. Is there any way of predicting if a verb is reflexive? I have just noticed that if you approach a house Spanish uses acercarse, but if it is a problem, you need abordar


Wow, I doubt that you're right here, but I really like how you're trying to think this through!


I thought the exact same thing! Got it wrong of course

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