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"yIvang pagh yIvangQo'! yInIDQo'!"

Translation:Act or don't act! Don't try!

March 19, 2018



Very cute. But the whole point is lost if you do not include a neH at the end.


It sounds better in the original Yodan, anyway.


yIvang, pagh yIvangQo'. nID tu'lu'be'.


How does "pagh" act like "or" here? And which skill unit is that a part of? I'd like to re-read the tips and notes.


There are two separate words: pagh nothing, no one, nobody, zero and pagh either/or. They're homonyms.


I never even realized that we never got around to teaching the conjunctions (except 'ej). The course was originally planned to be longer, but it was taking so long, we decided to publish what we had and hold the rest for a later addition. But it seems like conjuctions should have been introduced early.

I have removed this sentence from the course, since that use of pagh was never taught.

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