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Songs that are sung in French

So, I have been wondering, do any of you French-learners listen to French music? I have heard a few French songs before myself. (My favorite being "Étoile, Et toi." (A star and you)) and I was just curious.

Link to song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duTQQWBt2Ng

March 19, 2018



I like Stromae :)


So yes, I practice French by listening to French music.


(Awesome Profile Pic, btw... Just finished Vol. 4...) I learned this French song... it's really creepy... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZZqwKZVLbE)


Thank you! (That song is quite disturbing.)


It's an actual fairytale is what's weirdest. I mean, I guess we have Jack and Jill (really scary if you think about it), and Ring Around The Rosie (About the plague)... And Mary Mary Quite Contrary is about Bloody Mary. XD


This is my favorite song of all times, and I just found it in French! I only listen to German Jazz, so YouTube makes it hard for me to find French Jazz but I just found Mistinguett and I really like her.



Jmy attendais pas


In school my french teacher often had music playing while we were working, and on free days we'd get the lyrics and translate them for fun. For a final we had to do a lyric breakdown, memorize and choreograph a dance to some.

Tomber la Chemise by Zebda is some chill upbeat ska


Elle me Dit and Boum Boum Boum by MIKA are a lot of fun. I think he has one other french song, most of his music is in english.



Gabrielle de Troismaisons' Et Cetera is poppy (this is the song I had to dance to lol)


Tragedie is some nice RnB (our class called Hey Ho the stalker song but darn it's catchy)


Willy William my friend recently showed me. Ego is a bit slower and repetitive and easier to understand but has a nice beat.


and as MobiuS_360 said anything by Stromae is really great :D


Yes to Stromae, but I also really enjoy listening to Indila because her voice is so beautiful~!

Here's one song from her: Tourner Dans Le Vide



one of my favorites is 'et si tu n'existais pas' by joe dassin. I'm learning it during my voice lessons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abfQQ1hzN9M

[deactivated user]

    Oooh I love French music! I often blast French music while I'm driving. Some Maitre Gims or Jenifer go a long way! If you want to find the lyrics and translations to your songs head over to lyricstranslate.com. I have an account there and have been known to translate songs from time to time...



    I'm a French learner from Indonesia, and I listen to Anggun's songs. The most popular one so far is La Neige au Sahara (Snow on Sahara), I guess. My personal favorite is Nos vies paralleles (Our parallel lives). There are movie soundtracks too, like Le Festin (from Ratatouille), Equation and Suis-moi (from Le Petit Prince.)

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