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"Mara was winning and Torg was losing."

Translation:QaptaH mara 'ej lujtaH torgh.

March 19, 2018



QaplI' and lujlI' should be accepted here. That suffix makes perfect sense with these verbs.


Torg was intending to lose, had a plan for how to do so, and was making progress towards his goal? :)


Remember that -lI' is differentiated by having an end point, rather than being intentional as makes the difference with -ta'.


Perhaps I was overly influenced by the statement that "It is possible to consider -lI' a continuous counterpart of -ta'" from TKD 4.2.7. Reading through that entire section, I see what you mean.


Well, if even mizinamo was confused about the volitional aspect of -lI' and its similarity to -ta' at his level, then I don't feel so bad about getting it mixed up occasionally myself. ;-)

(jIqID, mizinamo!)

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