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  5. "六元四角"


Translation:6.4 Yuan

March 19, 2018



Should 6 Yuan 4 Jiao also be accepted? (you're more likely to hear 6 Yuan 4 Mao anyway) People don't often use decimals discussing small amounts of currency in everyday English, more common when discussing currency market or large financial transactions. You're more likely to say "6 dollars 40 cents" than 6.4 dollars - but you would say "1.2 billion dollars" not "1 billion 200 million dollars".


I would think this should be "6.40 Yuan". There are always two decimal places in English when discussing fractional monetary amounts.

"6.40 yuan." is accepted, at least.


I agree that "6 yuan 4 jiao" should be accepted.


no because that's not an English translation. Yuan is the currency known internationally, not "jiao".


Should 6 Yuan 4 Jiao also be accepted?


I agree, I put "6 Yuan 40 Cents" and it said it was wrong.


We say both“四角”(si jiao) and “四毛” (si mao) in our daily life LOL, both can be understand by Chinese


Six yuan and forty cents???


I suggest accepting both CNY and RMB as synonyms for Yuan for those that are already proficient in Mandarin and are trying to charge through to higher tier lessons.


none of these answers are correct


if you select 6.4 you get a incorrect flag ..lol


Many instructional books translate yuan as a (Chinese) dollar and jiao as ten cents or a dime. I knew what Duolingo was expecting but i think you could also say six dollars forty cents. $6.40. This is a more natural English translation to help understand Chinese currency.


No no no, it is Chinese currency not American, and not all users are American, so lets not confuse the issue further as it is not referring to dollars and cents in any way apart from about 92 cents.


6.40 should be acceptable because the clue doesn't say "Yuan" And technically 6.40 is the same as 6.4. They could have meant American currency if the currency is not stipulated in the clue.

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