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Japanese restaurant 2 is broken

Please can you address this problem? The Japanese script required to answer the question is missing and the programme refuses to allow me to continue. Thank you

March 19, 2018



Have you tried doing it on the computer and using the keyboard?


Maybe you have to activate the Japanese keyboard on your phone and type in Japanese?


How do you configure Duolingo to enable keyboard input from the phone? I am using iPhone and I do have japanese keyboard installed and it works great, but Duolingo seems only to let me use word block input when inputting japanese.


This is also the case for me. I was speculating as to possible causes of the OP's issue. I have seen at least one other post about having to type in Japanese in the app. However, it is not something I have experienced.


I think it's a feature that's only for Android


You can type input on the computer and I prefer lessons on the computer due to that fact. However running lessons on the iPhone is convenient when I don't have a computer handy. Thankfully the account syncs, so I have one set of progress. I don't know if the android version is different from the iPhone or not regarding typing input versus wordblock only input.

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