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  5. "tlhIngan wo' rewbe' jIH."

"tlhIngan wo' rewbe' jIH."

Translation:I am a citizen of the Klingon Empire.

March 19, 2018



rewbe' looks quite confusingly like a negative. To say I am not a citizen of the Klingon Empire, though, it would be "tlhIngan wo' rewbe' jIHbe'" right?


HIja'. That word does make it look a little confused :D

bIlugh. {tlhIngan wo' rewbe' jIHbe'} means "I am not a citizens of the Klingon Empire".


It's no more confusing than "astronaut" (astro-not).

Actually, what it looks like it ought to mean is a female *{rew}. Compare {puqbe'}, {puqnI'be'}, {tey'be'}, {lorbe'}.


No, I'm with the person who posted the OP; the be' ending is very confusing.


Because it's a verb suffix for negation, or because it's a noun meaning female which is sometimes attached to another noun?


Pretty much all of the above, really.

Frankly, I think that it being used for 'woman' and for negation is some deliberate Klingon sexism.


If it was deliberate, it was probably to poke fun of the sexism of some natural languages.

Many design decisions which went into making Klingon were actually forced by movie-making, e.g., having to fit the lip movements of scenes already filmed in English and redubbed in Klingon. So it probably wasn't deliberate.


So, "I am a Klingon citizen" is not acceptable here? What if you're a Klingon citizen of Earth, for example?


No, that wouldn't work. {tlhIngan wo'} specifically means "Klingon Empire". {tlhIngan rewbe'} "citizen of Klingon" doesn't really make sense, either.

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