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Is anyone else MAD about the skill level switch?

Today I logged into duolingo and discovered that I had been updated to the knew "skill level" learning format, and boy am I mad! Personally, I liked the old format because (A): The long list of golden skills I had worked so hard for gave me a great sense of accomplishment. And (B): I knew exactly where I was struggling/what I needed to practice.

I know I am being dramatic/ unreasonably angry about the change- but COME ON! On the discussion board Duolingo explained that they made the change because they felt like it would encourage people to "stick with the program", and practice more often. I feel the exact opposite effect. After spending 20 minutes trying to earn a golden crown on the FIRST, EASIEST LESSON, I was so bored and annoyed I almost gave up on my streak. Thanks to the new "skill level" format, I feel like everything I worked for is gone! Worst of all, there is no option to "test out", and it is going to take forever to rebuild my prized list of golden accomplishments. I know: It shouldn't matter that I no longer have golden badges as proof of the hours and hours of hard work I have dedicated to practicing because, "knowledge is the most important thing". However, having to re-do EVERY single lesson is just a great big bummer.

My phone just switched to this today, but it sounds like other people have been using this format for a while? I wish there was an option to keep in the same.

March 19, 2018



Oh, how I'd wish that we could exchange our settings! I think I'd love to try out this new feature because as I understand it, it will take me further than I've been able to go so far.

So if we simply could switch, you'd be happy, and I'd be happier, too, (I assume at the moment ...)


I just wish they hadn't taken away my achievements for getting all the skills golden at the same time :(

That was probably the hardest one to get.


I still have all my achievements. That's odd.


I have the rest of my achievements, still, but not the ones related to golden skills.


I have had all gold for 2 years. All gone!


I haven't crowns yet, but as far as I understand, nothing is gone. :-)

See this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26739837

In particular, this section of the post:

I lost all of my progress!

Don’t worry, you really didn’t. It may be surprising to find skills that were once gold are now colorful again, but all your lessons that were “completed” before are still completed. We also still track your strength for each word just like we used to.

We went one step further and actually used how many times you’ve seen the words in a skill and how many times you got those words right to determine whether to place you at Level 1, 2, or 3. Since levels get harder as you go up, we didn’t feel comfortable placing anyone at Level 4 or 5, since the old system didn’t give hard enough exercises to place into these levels. Of course, if you already know the language very well, this may not be the right level. But, it is still more challenging than what was offered before.


hey soy un [l33t for spanish for loser] btw that was one of two achievements I didnt get around to finishing and I guess they could have made it a legacy badge which you could keep but others can't get (which would be unfair to other users, but then again its just a badge to show off and people who put the work in definitely earned it)

also if u like Conway's Game of Life u should check out this project by me https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Conway%27s+Game+of+Line+in+equilateral+triangles%21 top result


I missed it in the original announcement thread but karint said:
"This is something we plan to tackle in the next iteration of this since it is one of the biggest things lacking in this first implementation. We hope to have that next iteration designed and rolled out as an A/B test before March, but a lot can change in three months so please don't hold me to that =]"

So it apears they have eliminated skill decay with the intent of adding it later. Very strange, since I am sure that was a key component to how a lot of people controlled their rate of moving on to new lessons.


since I am sure that was a key component to how a lot of people controlled their rate of moving on to new lessons

I'm sure you're right. However, the biggest thing one ever saw in the forums was people complaining how their skills decayed too quickly. I bet it turned a lot of people off, many of whom probably sort of lost hope and just left. Reducing this source of attrition might be one of the reasons the skill levels resulted in such greater levels of user engagement.


Hang in there. Everything that you've learned and all the work that you've done is not gone. Although it's nice to have the golden skills and crowns, what you have already learned is what is most important. The proof of what you've learned is not Duolingo but being able to speak, understand, read, or write Spanish. The app is only just a small part of that.

Keep in mind that you don't have to do anything. If a lesson is very boring to you, you can skip it. I know it's disappointing, but I hope that you don't let it ruin your experience or discourage you from continuing to learn the language.


I've been using it from the test stage and love it. After a while, I noticed that the numerous repetitions had lead to the retention I had been missing. You should note that there is no reason to do only one lesson...especially the easy ones which you've no doubt already done on the old format...I move around from easy stuff (vocab e.g adjectives etc) to harder skills such as grammar. I'm moving much faster because I do remember so much and of course make fewer errors.

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I have been testing since January on a new account and find no more repetition between that and this account.


I assume the point is that the new system motivated jaye to repeat things more, thereby leading to retention theretofore unattained?


The phone app has been like this for awhile, but they just switched the website today as well. I hated the app and only used it if I had to be away from the computer, specifically because I didn't like the format and found it particularly useless for tracking your progress. I have no idea how you're supposed to track what needs practice, unless you decide to do something like strengthen your skills 5 times each day, just to make sure you cover your bases, then go onto new stuff. If they want you to keep moving forward, I suppose it's good. If they actually want you to learn, this is terrible.


It's terrible that you're concretely rewarded, and in an enduring way, for practicing more? Having a skill gold was never some sort of guarantee you actually knew it (even in the short run). Things in the old system get gold way too easily for that.


Other way around...I kept all my skills golden, daily. If I was struggling with a skill and missed a few questions, it would not stay golden very long at all, reminding me that I needed to practice that skill every other day or so. The longer it stayed golden, the better I was doing with the material. I would get everything practiced back to golden, then move on to new material. The crown doesn't tell me anything other than I completed it once upon a time. I don't need a reward to tell me that I've looked at the material x number of times. I need an algorithm to tell me, "Hey, probably not a bad idea to look at this again."


WIsh I could upvote this more than once. This is exactly my frustration with this lovely new feature. So is there really nowhere to see which skills are most in need of practice anymore?


Hi Joshua,

this is your progress chart: https://duolingo.eu/JoshuaDay3/progress/

Normally ALL skills show as completed, if you have finished your tree (golden owl).

Unfortunately for many skills, not only 25-75% is written in the graph, but that you have to re-take the lessons as you would have never completed that skill.

Why are so MANY skills displayed as grey for you for the selected course?
What are the minimum levels displayed you have reached in them? 0? 1? 2/3?
As I have written already, the user scripts "Trim tree" and "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" are neither working starting 20 March 2018, even I have NOT chosen to "Upgrade now" to "Skill crown levels".


Hi Thomas, sorry I didn't notice your reply sooner. That progress chart is cool! Thanks for that!

So MANY skills are grey for me because I haven't gotten to them yet. So far the only tree I've done all skills on is Japanese, and I just accomplished that today. Looks like the skills that aren't grey also show how many crowns I've gotten in them.

I actually learned about the "DuoLingo skill strengths viewer" a couple weeks ago from another post of yours, and I found a version 0.2 at https://github.com/halfdan/duolingo-skill-strength/raw/master/skill-strength.user.js that seems to work fine despite the current crown levels thing. So I've been mostly using that to tell me when to review skills I've already completed once: any time I see a skill drop below 75% average strength in any of my trees, I go back and do a lesson or 2 on it before forging ahead with new material. Not ideal, but it's working for me.

Now that I've actually finished a whole tree, I'm debating whether I want to back and systemically get the whole tree to level 2, (then 3, etc...) or just stick with the 75% trigger and spend more time on my Anki deck and the other languages I've been neglecting here...


Exactly my problem with this. They've hidden the algorithm that tells you when things need revising for the sake of giving people a little visual number reward for grinding the same skill over and over regardless of whether their learning sessions have actually been reasonably spaced and productive. Then these magic little numbers don't actually decay over time so become meaningless unless you actually choose yourself to go revise all the skills without any indication of when it makes sense to do so. I just don't get it, at all.


I need an algorithm to tell me, "Hey, probably not a bad idea to look at this again."

Well, you actually need this with WORDS, not sentences (or optimally for both).

You should use a 3rd party flashcard application with a real spaced repetition (SR) algorithm and DAILY backlog SR queues like Memrise, AnkiSRS, SuperMemo, etc., sorting and filtering options (Anki seems to have MANY browse features, addon support, etc.!) to practice weak or more difficult words!

Just search for "DuoLingo" on Memrise you will find the vocabulary Spanish clone courses where you can even practice L1 EN -> L2 SP translation (RECALLING) reviews.
Memrise also adds additional short-term 4h + 12h repetitions to the 1d standard: http://memrise-users.wikia.com/wiki/Memrise_Spaced_Repetition_Intervals

You can define multiple learning and re-learning steps in AnkiSRS.

If you want to train sentence repetitions (words in sentences that make sense) you can use Lingvist or AnkiSRS; for the latter there are 10-15k shared decks available (sorted based on words frequency).

DuoLingo was IMHO pretty much random all the time, even if it claims to use spaced repetition and word decays.

But I don't complain, as I could review skills manually, especially for grammar skills.
We should not forget about the existing bugs in the words list that the "last_practiced" column often times was NOT updated or words learned in a lesson not being added (at least not displayed).

I am not sure about the actual "user course database" and how the "select algorithm for the strengthen button" works in the background.

It is not clear to me (as a developer myself) if a system can "efficiently work" with these (well-known, reported) obvious bugs in it.

It is IMHO a failure to exclusively rely on DuoLingo alone - with no flashcard SR software in PARALLEL.


I don't have it on the website yet.


I wish I had the new skill tree!


Duolingo's spaced repetition was never all it was cracked up to be. Maybe they'll eventually bring in a new version in conjunction with the skill levels that is somewhat more credible.


I confess I did not care for it at first. I missed my golden circles, and it is a LOT more work to take a skill to level 5 to turn it gold. I didn't like not seeing what words I'd learn in each lesson. I didn't like that my skills didn't decay and let me know when to review.


After using it for a while, I absolutely LOVE it. I don't have to take a skill to level 5 if I don't want to (but I'm in love with the golden circles, so I do). By the time I get to level 5 I find that I am comfortable with the skill and don't really feel a huge need to go back and review. If I want to rush through the tree and get everything to level one and then go back and learn in more depth, I can. If I want to binge on a skill and work my way up to level five without stopping, I can do that, too. I can still do unit practices, and I still have the general "Strengthen" on the home page. I find the new format much more flexible and effective than the old.

Give it a chance, I think you'll like it. It took me a week or so to get used to it.


It is nice to hear that someone who originally did not like the new format had a change of heart. I am very annoyed because I am OCD and just HAVE to get my skills golden again (lol), and (at least during the basic lessons) I feel like I am repeating the exact same sentences over and over again. (And I am going to scream if I have to translate the word "apple" one more time)

However, even though it is a pain in the a**, I am starting to notice some benefits. For example, instead of simply learning vocabulary, I am now focusing much more on accents and conjugation. I am frustrated but willing to give it some time and see if I get used to it.

One question: Once I finish skill level 5 and get a golden crown, am I just done with that skill? Or does it fade and need to be strengthened like in the old version?


It'll stay gold and won't fade. You can continue doing lessons in that skill, but the level won't increase any further.


When I started the A-B test I chose one skill with the goal of getting all 5 crowns before going on to another one. I was really disgruntled and said so. When I later got advice and started jumping around to whatever I was in the mood for...in a hurry do a vocab skill, have more time do some grammar. I was so pleased when I returned to a skill to see how much I had retained and how little effort it took to form the sentences. I'm now a firm supporter of the format. BTW I did get all 5 crowns on that first skill and some others. And to answer another question I have seen here...after you hve all the crowns you can do reviews with or without Timed parctice.

So, hang in there and I think you'll be pleased. Best wishes and happy learning.


Does this mean there is no skill-specific timed practice before attaining all five crowns? This would be a major disappointment for me; I don't tend to care for untimed practice all that much and presumed that I would do most of the work to move through the levels using the timed version.


That was my observation but there may be other options let me check on it. This is all so new we're still trying to find our sea legs and that's why questions from the community are so vital.

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I would prefer it if this kicked in after the tree was fully golden as a next level. I started from scratch again on a new account to test it and find this new format too much all at once. I would prefer to gild the tree fully at level 1 first then have the next challenge a full gild at level two, then level 3 etc, etc.


Some of us have never made a habit of keeping things fully gold. Your version sounds most unappealing to me :) I have little interest in fully regilding trees I've long-ago mostly mastered.

One thing I'm so looking forward to is a reduction in the avalanche of posts in the forums about it being too hard to keep things gold. (Well, until they actually add spaced repetition into the system... at which point at least the inquiries will presumably be somewhat different)


I saw a mention that there is no more timed practice for individual skills. Is that true for you? That is one change I certainly would not like.

Do you notice a greater lever of translation into the target language as you move through the levels?


Hi all,

what happens when you switch your "Home" page (the tree) to the old Python code with this whitelist workaround duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"];.

It is the SAME workaround code we used to enable the "progress quiz" in the lingot store in 2017 (it does not work anymore 03/2018 to start a quiz) - activiation manual: https://www.google.de/search?q=site%3Aduolingo.com+%22duo.old_web_url_whitelist%3D%5B%22%5E.%2B%22%5D%3B%22

I am still using it for my three Portuguese trees to be able to use the user scripts "DuoLingo trim tree", "DuoLingo Course Progress", "Duo Stats" and others....

I definitely do NOT like the new (fluid) skill progress bars from the last update with no separate strength fields (they are on the web portal like on the Android app), and thankfully when I switch my "Home" page and tree back, the old 4-5 bar separated graph design from before is restored! Hopefully still will continue as I want to finish two PT reverse trees first before this "feature" is completely dropped with no useful replacement.

IMHO it is elementary to be able to filter skills (golden, 4-5 full bar strength) and to first focus on weak/low strength skills, especially for those more important PT-EN "grammar skills" when I do strengthen reviews.

I complement this with the user script "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" (if I do not use "trim tree") which is already compatible with the re-written Scala 2017 web portal IF the base/source language is set to English (it does not work for e.g L1 Portuguese as base).

There also was another Stylish userstyle to filter all GOLDEN skills (not 3-5 strength bars) without any Python workaround code trouble...but now you guys have no golden skills anymore :(
This brings me to my next question:

Does this Tampermonkey user script still work with your enabled A/B "Skill crown level" test?

And what skill and percentage does it display ordered on the right screen?

Can you still direct link (open) a skill?

Can you test if the vocabulary overview API stream still works for you guys?

The URL is http://duolingo.com/vocabulary/overview.

This script is based to read the data and strength field rating for each word (there are bugs, like 3-5 (grammar) skills and words not being added) in my "Words" https://www.duolingo.com/words register.


My comment here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26652266

The web portal A/B BETA "Skill crown level" update message from 20 March 2018 (I can chose X or the "update now" button) seems to already break several (if not all) user scripts like "DuoLingo skill strength viewer", "DuoLingo tree enhancer", "Duolingo trim tree", "DuoLingo course progress", etc.

Anyone else?

And the best joke ever: I even have NOT pressed this "Update now" button - and I surely won't for the next months.


duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"] (rather than ["^.+"];") works for me so I can still see what skills need strengthening. Thank you SO MUCH this.


Thanks for letting me know.
Sorry, this was a copy and paste error because of google search keywords which requires two "" to the left and to the right.

I corrected the yellow code in my comment above.


Very important information from Lrtward in this thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26612939$comment_id=26659554

Quote Lrtward: "When I got the crowns system, it affected ALL of my courses simultaneously, even the ones that I am taking from Spanish or French."

Thank you so much.

This is the information I was desperately looking forward.

The message notifier "Introducing Crown Levels: Get five times more exercises and reach higher fluency as you level up." with the blue "Update now" button did - of course - NOT tell, that it is an all or nothing approach.

As this message pops up on EACH of my courses (I also checked for DE-EN and EN-DE) I would have personally expected (as an IT specialist and developer) I could selectively choose the BETA "Crown level" for not more than 1-2 forward trees to try it out.

So this is obviously not the case....

I will CANCEL the update on the web portal and wait for the "final product" after ~6-12 months.

Maybe they add a better conversion algorithm which straight jumps over levels 1, 2 and 3 and just activates level 5 for future strengthen exercises and randomly shows some of the more difficult translation sentences:

That would probably be the other implemention choice instead of having to do re-do ALL lessons step-by-step and level-ups.

I am also looking forward to a SRS for (useful) sentences, even I use Memrise for word SR reviews already.

I better stick to the stuff I know how to work with, especially for PT grammar skills (if I can somehow reactivate all the non-working user scripts) and finish my two reverse PT trees first.

Let's see what brilliant features or re-engineering come(s) in 2019....


I am actually so excited for the skill levels.


I have missed out on being in every new feature test group since immersion. I would to see this new feature.


Sounds like Duolingo could have handled the transition a bit better.

It's the perfect example of why I like smart systems. Based on a few variables it should be possible to somewhat estimate the level somebody has to estimate their levels after the change - which could save people some irritation. Not just for that but also for exercising / repetitions: a smart system which can automatically change a few sliders to customize and optimize the learning experience for everybody would be awesome. It's certainly something Duolingo should look into. Individual oriented solutions / targeting are frequently called the next "technological evolution". Personalisation can offer more than just improved learning, but it can also make people feel important (depending on the approach taken), which can boost commitment. Basically win-win.


Hi Cloe,

this is your current progress: https://duolingo.eu/Chloe149103/progress/

Normally ALL skills show as completed, if you have finished your tree (golden owl).

Unfortunately for many skills, not only 25-75% is written in the graph, but that you have to re-take the lessons as you would have never completed that skill.
As I have written already, the user scripts "Trim tree" and "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" are neither working, even I have NOT chosen to "Upgrade now" to "Skill crown levels".


Completely agree. It is ridiculous to go back to 8 lessons in basics after having finished the tree and maintained all gold levels for the past 2 years!!!!


Today i ve been testing the crown sistem with another (a new) userid... Not so bad, i mean, if i were a new user looks perfect (but i´m not) still, i can see what leads Duo staff to do that and i understand it perfectly.

There s something i dont understand and is why eliminate the extra units even in those language that still had them? And the achievments?

For that i tried with an old version of the app and voilá, no crowns (all as usual) and i could buy the extra units.

Both systems can/should be at the same time and come on, extra units for everyone in all those languages that once had them, no mater how good/bad they are


The bonus skills are on some separate system (that among other things is obviously highly glitchy and unstable; hence the lack of the customary Christmas skills the last two years). I'd assume they just haven't integrated it yet (and that integrating e.g. SRS is a higher priority).


Ok, but if you try with any version between 3.23 and 3.5... you can buy them and they will be still there when you upgrade.

Not the crowns until, i must check it but close to 3.7...


Hi Adam, Hi Andres,

have you already tried what I wrote in my above comment (sorry, can't link the comment id directly):

What happens when you switch your "Home" page (the tree) to the old Python code with this whitelist workaround duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"];.

Are bonus skills shown or not? I think not...


I confess i didnt. I dont have the crown system yet and i use mostly the app, with a previous version you can avoid it so...

I think (and hardly suggest) that should be a more "friendly" way to make the transition but in general i am not fully "against" the crown ;)

Edit, but yes, i don t like them and i dont like to cannot choose "x" lesson and repeat 200 times basic lessons again


I had a small error / bug when I completed the Portuguese Christmas lessons 12/2017...but it worked later a few hours (and the next day(s)).

However, I would not shake hands to say, that their separte bonus system is VERY unstable.
Glitchy: probably.

I was one of the lucky learners who could buy the PT Christmas bonus skill in 12/2016 and it even worked to an extent....when staff had to decide to have to stop the bonus rollout because the many users were overloading their system....

And yes, it felt "glitchy" 2016....but I could complete.

I believe there was a little programming error in a lesson...which has been reshown to me in 2017...."endless loop" or someting like that...I don't remember...who knows...
You clearly could see it that there was a mistake coded into...


My assessment is based in part on the fact that bonus skills already vanished for Turkish and Ukrainian before the crowns update. According to some contributor post it was thought to be some sort of error that those bonus skills had ever appeared in the first place.


You might want to take a look at my comment which I posted in "Tired of Crowns?": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26874813

To me it is so much annoying AND confusing, mass-rolling out half-baked BETA code "forced" to long-term web portal users, just because investors set strict deadlines and they want to support their mobile app users with L1-L5, as it seems to me (just guessing myself).

Their backend code / system and course added sentences by contributors seem not be really "ready" yet for a mapping from L1-L5?!
Why so many complains about too easy repetitive content otherwise especially from long-term users with completed trees?

The other problem is that their crown level "simple" conversion obviously failed for my 1,5 years EN-PT tree, even there also seems to be a "complex" version available: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26853820

Q: Is there even any fixed/dynamic mapping which is in more control?

Another moderator told me in another thread, that the Incubator is NOT ready for this:

Course contributors can NOT (yet) make a DEFAULT fixed (Crown L1-L5) sentence difficulty mapping, which dynamically could fine-tune later it's metrics by usage of millions of learners and pass/fail?!

In the last published "Weekly update" thread the Romanian moderator team announced on the Incubator a new tree 2.0 and wrote, that "newly added sentences" can NOT be already rated for easy / difficult, and that more difficult sentences might be first shown to beginners (first time tree starters), UNTIL the system adjusts to it (by early / many testers); this is how I interpret their announcement text to myself.

Let me ask you:
What might be (still) wrong with this DuoLingo concept design?

It obviously needs an additional configurable underlying mapping difficulty layer to prevent stuff like that!

Another example about "half-baked code" (which feature was available before - but is now hidden):

Without directly opening the skills of my DE-EN tree with hacks/workarounds (not provided by DuoLingo's newest crown code on the web portal anymore!) I would not have been able to even "test out" (/test is added to the URL) those crown L0 (unlocked, coloured) skills and finish my tree last Sunday!

Unfortunately, staff has not replied to some of my (or other) suggestions in the "Crown level improvement" https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26650780 thread (it also links other quotes from other threads), especially about reverse trees.

Those (and many other) comments had been posted BEFORE "the war" in "Crowns FAQ" had started last Thursday because of the recent forced mass-rollout!

Instead of the nice "Skill crown level" previous opt-in (I did not click the "Upgrade Now" button), they finally have now FORCED ALL of us into crowns. Why?

Their team does not seem to listen to users or have too strict tasks from investors and next deadlines to reach?!? Why?

Quote Soolrak: I don't care what people say, but Duolingo has been a huge help for me

IMHO it is the same as on the old Python (2016) web portal:

What really helped me (to use the DL web portal), are the ton's of available (most gone!!) user scripts like "DuoLingo trim tree", "DuoTweak", "DuoLingo Stats", "DuoLingo Tree Enhancer", "DuoLingo skill strength viewer", "DuoLessonsFix", "DuoLingo Course Progress", "Course switcher" (still not available on the Android app!!!), "Re-Enable Text-Area", Stylish addon "New Lessons Userstyle Fix", etc. to make the web portal really usable either:

  • a) because of missing features (some of which had been there before but were removed)
  • b) implemented functionality which never worked too good (e.g ticking timer on "timed practiced" exercises, missing forum links on review panel, etc.).
  • c) frontend updates which corrupted the layout (e.g font sizes, colours, grey text on grey textfield, etc.)

IMHO we are now trying to "workaround" the system as best as we can, as it is still missing the next ~6-12 months crown iterations.

What definitely improved my learning ability:

Without using Memrise SRS (and the DuoLingo vocabulary course) in parallel, I would probably still struggle with many of Duolingo's introduced words after 1,5 years; so this even applies to the old DL Python web portal in 2016 + early 2017 and Scala migration before crowns, e.g:

  • a) 6 planting flower planting steps for more difficult words (AnkiSRS allows to freely set "learning steps" but does not force you to use 6 iterations; default for an Anki deck is two steps for new words)
  • b) 4h + 12h drills after learned words and the re-learning phase after failed reviews (AnkiSRS has one default re-learning step for lapses which you can customize as you want)
  • c) DAILY reviews (weak/difficult words)
  • d) typing (RECALLING) translations for words from L1 English to L2 target language from the beginning

My workaround crown suggestions to Jørg above:

  • You could also use the "whitelist workaround" to show the good old 5-bar strength skill design (before app like bars) on the DuoLingo web portal.

Thread "The way I'm still following the good old gold lesson style using the crown system": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26850594

You will directly see what skills are golden and how many bar strength they have.
You also can directly open the skills (but it is not that easy to hit the "Skill practice" button) as before.
Unfortunately, the "refresh" trick like on the SHOF http://duolingo.eu progress page will NOT work for the whitelisted (old Python code) "Home" page.
You would have to refresh the discussions page (for a complete website reload), re-enter the whitelist code in the browser console and re-open the (2nd) "Home" page (e.g new browser tab) for the updated tree....too complicated :-)

  • Have you noticed that there is a NEW "Skill practice" button after each skill on your progress page on the SHOF duolingo.eu site?

  • I try to get the "DuoLingo skill strength viewer" V0.2 user script (also allows to open direct skill URLs) running again:
    For some reason it does not work for me since 20 March 2018 with the Tampermonkey plugin with any of my three (recent) Firefox V52.7.3/52.6.0/52.4.1esr browser versions :-(

  • Try Camilo's new user script "DuoLingo Known to New Practice" which you may want to customize to your own needs according to his in-line code explanations: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26849592

Viele Grüße / Best regards


Quick talk about the progress page on the SHOF site and the skill practice button for the more difficult non-golden skills: www.duolingo.eu/USERNAME/progress

My feeling: For some of my EN-PT skills (even on crown level L2) the listening challenges and introduced sentences got challenging for me (on the web).

I am not sure, but I think that the skill practice button ignores L1-L5, as it is not made especially for crowns??? Could that be?

It looks to me that I now get sentences which have been there before maybe 2-3 or 4 years (thread last updated in discussion forum) but are now shown again.
Of course I can only guess this....or....I had not practiced that much that skill, to remember all it's sentences.

But they are definitely not that short with the "skill practice" button and the male Portuguese speaker (on the web) is speaking soo fast anyways, so I sometimes have to use the turtle button, especially the longer the sentences get.

I don't do any crown level-up L2-L3 lessons....yet because of the crown L2 conversation error mentioned earlier.

Anyone would like to comment how they feel about the hidden "Skill practice" button and introduced difficulty?

1) Is difficulty round about the same as before?
2) Does it practice the current crown level, e.g L2 (comparable to do a NEW lesson for a skill on L2 to reach L3)
3) Does it mix sentences from crown levels L1-L5?


I am not sure, but I think that the skill practice button ignores L1-L5, as it is not made especially for crowns??? Could that be?

Definitely not sure either, for either the practice you get upon reaching L5 or before with workarounds) or for the whole tree. I'd like to see more takes on this.

The whole tree practice seems more difficult to me (an opinion verified by another user with more familiarity) than it was. The practice option for the skill I got to level 5 did seem like what we had had before. It may reflect the same difficulty increase observed for the whole tree. (It's harder to tell when the material has become so familiar.)

I would guess hooking these things together more coherently is at the very top of the Duo to-do list.


I don't think it's too big a problem that contributors can't enter a default difficulty rating for a sentence. They added difficult sentences before with no such indication, and users got them right often enough, or they didn't. I don't think the system took all that long to begin categorizing them.


OK I've tried it and I can see the sense of it so I think I am going to become used to it

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