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"This sword is heavier than that one."

Translation:'etlhvam 'ugh law' 'etlhvetlh 'ugh puS.

March 19, 2018



Can you say "'etlhvam 'ugh law' vetlh 'ugh puS."? Can vetlh stand alone or is the root 'etlh~ (sword) needed here?


vetlh as a word of its own mean "cockroach", so 'etlhvam 'ugh law' vetlh 'ugh puS is "This sword is heaver than a cockroach."

The suffix -vetlh "that" is only a suffix -- it has to come at the end of a noun and cannot stand alone. It's not a pronoun.

If you want a standalone "that", then sometimes Dochvetlh "that thing" can work.

Here, though, where "that one" refers to a specific object (a sword), 'etlhvetlh is best.


That's almost certainly a true statement, though. Just not a translation of the phrase that you were asked to translate.


Understood and thank you for the responses. Small comfort I suppose that what I wrote is still a valid and accurate Klingon sentence just not a correct translation.

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