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"El terreno"

Translation:The terrain

March 21, 2013



I don't remember the original introduction of this word in this lesson including "the lot" as a translation???


Terreno can be translated to several English words. Terrain is the obvious one.

It may be a patch of land you own, but normally it's rustic land, not urban wastelands or similar. I


DL likes 'the lot,' but this expression is peculiar to the USA.


I put in "earth" which was not accepted, however when I looked in Oceano dictionary, earth was the 2nd definition--after ground, land and terrain. the 3rd definition was plot, piece of land, lot and site.


Just ran across this word in a real estate ad placed by a Hispanic-American realtor in a bilingual Virginia (EE.UU.) magazine. In English we would say "Land for Sale"


My answer was: The territory. I was pretty sure it was going to be marked incorrect. Can anyone tell me why it would not be acceptable or if it would be acceptable, in specific situations?


What is wrong with -area-?


It's abstract. Terreno is terrain. Lot is an alternate translation, but it's specifically a lot of land. If they accepted area, they could also accept region. It would get pretty far afield. Each of those already has its own counterpart in Spanish.


Still having trouble with pronouncing "rr" so it took DL 15 tries to understand me :s


'Lot' was the only accepted translation from the multiple choice version of this question. This is only applicable to American English.


what about "the ground"


The plot of land << marked wrong. Even though that was the correct answer according to a previous hint of theirs.

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