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Lesson 2 in Qualifiers: -bej

Why so many "to be" sentences with -bej on them? It's not strictly wrong to put -bej on a pronoun when it's acting like a verb, but you've got a perfectly good -na' to work with, which seems to me more appropriate. -bej would be better served on actual verbs.

For instance, one of the lesson sentences is nuch ghaHbej. Okay, it's not technically wrong, but it would be far more appropriate to say nuchna' ghaH. There are quite a few examples like this in just the one lesson.

I think the "to be" sentences with -bej on them should be replaced with sentences with verbs in them, to better illustrate that -bej isn't just for certainty of identities, but certainty of actions and states as well, and preferably. -na' is for identities.

March 19, 2018

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That's a great idea. Sometimes when you are trying to implement thousands of sentences and hundreds of variations for many of them, you fall into some patterns that are not ideal. Perhaps we'll be able to improve this lesson in Tree 2.

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