"Na hřišti byly dva míče."

Translation:There were two balls on the playing field.

March 19, 2018

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Why is "Two balls were on the field" not correct?


English does not like indefinite subjects to begin the sentence like this and uses "There were...".


I beg you to reconsider. English literature has too many instances of fine sentences with this structure to list here.


I'm a native English speaker (US Midwest). I wanted to point out that while the colloquial best answer is "There were two balls on the field", the translation of "Two balls were on the field" might be more common in written sentences. The reason for this is the subject/predicate representation of a sentence - the subject (two balls) being at the beginning of a written sentence often conveys the meaning more clearly, especially to children learning in grade school.


The "Two balls were..." variant is now among the accepted translations.


English speakers that don't write like that (like myself) tend to have "wordy" sentences. Just look above :)

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