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  5. "I am writing a book."

"I am writing a book."

Translation:Yo escribo un libro.

March 19, 2018



Estoy escribiendo un libro.


yeah i thought escribo means write not writing isnt writing escribiendo????


When you click on the word "writing" in the sentance it even gives escribiendo as one of the suggested tranlations.


why isnt it yo soy escribo un libro ?


There are to verbs in Spanish that mean to be. Ser & Estar. You use one or the other depending on the context of you sentence.

You use SER (Soy, Eres, Es, Somos, Son) when:

Describing/Identifying People or Things. Soy una persona/ I am a person. Soy Americana/ I am American

Describing a Person's Occupation. Ellos son profesores./They are teachers.

Talking About Relationships. Ella es mi madre./She is my mother.

Talking About Possession. Es libro de Maria. Son libros de Juan./ It is Maria's book. They are Juan's books.

Talking About the Time. Es mediodia./ It is noon.

You use ESTAR (Estoy, Estas, Esta, Estamos, Estan) when:

Talking about Temporary States. Ella esta enferma./ She is sick.

Talking about Present Continuous Estoy escribiendo un libro./ I am writing a book.

Talking about Location, NOT nationality. Donde estas?/ Where are you?

The translation they give is wrong. Also the question is misleading. Duolingo should review that problem because it is too advance to have it in that level.


yeah they are incorrect that sucks. eh?


Thanks for the clarification. Very comprehensive. I used soy instead of estoy because I didn't know the difference


Thanks this helped alot


I write the same thing... anyone got takes on this?


When you are in a temporary state, you use the verb "estar". When in English you say "I am running, cooking, writing etc", in Spanish you say: (yo) estoy corriendo, cocinando, escribiendo.


Gracias ToscavanGe. I was confused about their translation as well. Your clarification was very helpful.


twice i got this question /sentence and they said same that it was yo escribo which is i write so yeah bloody duolingo are wrong.


That translates to "I am write a book" which is not grammatically correct, just like in English. It has to be either "Yo escribo un libro" (I write a book) or "Yo estoy escribiendo un libro" (I am writing a book).


yeah thats what I put. and they said its yo escribo which is i write not i am writing. how can they get it wrong. baffling isnt it.


that means "I am write a book" which is not correct


For everyone asking why this isn't "Estoy escribiendo un libro": it can be! That is an acceptable translation of the sentence "I am writing a book." However, you need to understand a little about common usage, in addition to literal translation.

In English, the "-ing" form, like in "I am writing," is called the progressive tense. And we use it pretty exclusively to refer to actions that are currently going on, right now, not just in a vague habitual sense. Spanish...does it a little differently.

Spanish sometimes uses the simple present, the "I write" form, in the same way that English uses the progressive form. They're a lot more interchangable in Spanish! So, actually, if your English sentence says, "I am writing a book," then, semantically speaking, you could translate that either as, "Escribo un libro," or as "Estoy escribiendo un libro." Either one works! Likewise, "Escribo un libro," could be translated as either, "I write a book," or as "I am writing a book," and either one would be correct. One is more literal, while the other is a little closer to the actual intention of the sentence.

Tl;dr, semantics are important in translation, and sometimes the literal translation isn't the only acceptable or most natural one.

Hope this helps!


I agree with Talesha. This answer seems incorrect (I write a book). "Estoy escribiendo un libro" was accepted as correct, but the above translation doesn't seem correct.


Why isn't is "Estoy escribiendo un libro"?


I'm pretty sure that's correct and they're wrong


I gave that answer in a test out and I was right...


Hmm, I actually am writing a book.


I wrote it out and it said i was wrong


it must be - yo soy escribo un libro. plzz somebody reply


Since this is a progressive sentence (the action is in progress), you use the correct form of estar (in this case, estoy) and then add the verb with the correct ending (If the verb is an -ir verb, then you add -iendo in place of -ir). So since the verb is escribir, you change it to escribiendo. So all together, it is "Estoy escribiendo un libro."


I think it is that "Soy" is only used for a permanent state like "soy un niño"


When is 'soy' added in a sentence with a 'i am'?


When you're describing a property rather than an activity. (Yo soy un hombre.)


But I thought writing = escribiendo. Am I wrong?


Why did my answer come up with a nuvello thats not a book


It rejected my correct answer


It told me the correct word for book, which it didn't mention before, was novela. I wrote libro, like I was taught, and this is the second question I've been "wrong" about due to a term I didn't know being the "correct" one.


I am having difficulty in using 'un' and 'una'.


"Un" is used with masculine nouns and "una" is used with feminine ones, but I agree that it sometimes gets a little difficult to determine at the first glance.


Someone please explain me the present tense and past tense forms of verbs.


Is it not Soy or estoy?


"Soy" is only used when you want to mention a certain property of something. (Yo soy un hombre.) It is not used when you want to describe what someone is doing. Imagine the same sentence in present simple (I write). There is no form of "to be" present in such sentence and that's how it works in Spanish. What they really want to translate is "I write a book" in present simple, not in present continuous. It's a little confusing and I have no idea why they've decided to write it like that, but "I am (currently) writing a book" would translate differently.


Escribo is not a participle or a gerund is it?


The translation is misleading. It should be "I write a book" rather than "I am writing a book".


I wrote "escribiendo un libro" and it was wrong.


Yo estoy escribiendo un libro


Is " Yo soy escribiendo un libro" wrong?

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