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Public blog in Spanish


I'm strongly considering to start a public blog in Spanish, but I'm very insecure. Here on Duolingo, I'm on level 11 for Spanish, and I want to improve my writing skills and reading skills in Spanish by starting a Spanish blog that only should be in Spanish, but the things that makes me insecure is the fear of doing wrong on the blog. From 2009 to 2011, I had a blog in Norwegian, and after that I have been blogging privately since 2012. But now I want to earn money, and become better in Spanish, by having a public blog in Spanish. I already have a private journal / blog in Spanish, but that one is only visible for me, and that is a lot because then I don't have to worry about writing wrong sentences, or have wrong writing on the blog.

Right now, I have not started any public blog yet, but do you have some tips for me, help or motivation for me, so I can become even more engaged for a public blog in Spanish? I'm not native Spanish.

Thank you!

Best Regards, Gerhard Øpsen

March 19, 2018



I say go for it! If you really want to do it you should. I'm definitely not the best at Spanish myself, but our school had us start blogs in Spanish only and I have definitely improved. Writing in the language without translations will help you get used to using the language and improve your skills. If you're worried about people judging you, you could always include a note saying you are not native and even open a discussion where people can correct you if you make a grammatical or word error. I hope this helps. Also if you do start a blog please share the link.


I think it will definitely help you improve your fluency, so go for it if you want and have the time! Oh and if you do, please share a link, Id definitely be interested in reading some Spanish as Im level 11 too! ;)


Just do it. It's a great way to improve your Spanish skills. Todo es posible si realmente lo deseas.

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