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Resource Of The Day: Mandarin Chinese: #2 (and this is my second longest ROTD)

If you saw the Japanese ROTD, and you're waiting for the Chinese one, never fear! I have more links for you too!

Table Of Contents

Many of you may have heard of Memrise? Well, in this post I'll be including the entire Mandarin Chinese Course Series on Memrise. Yes. I will. And there'll be a few bonuses too.

Mandarin Chinese I
Mandarin Chinese II
Mandarin Chinese III

I also found this book on a website, it's only $11 CAD! The weirdest thing is, this is the book I was nonstop asking my mom to buy when I was younger. (I also asked my mom if I could buy it today, and she said no, but my mom's friend was there too, and she bought it and lent it to me. Kudos to her.)

DK Mandarin Chinese English Visual Bilingual Dictionary

Also found this free iOS app, it's called Pin Pin, it's for Mandarin pronunciation!

Pin Pin

And this is a list of the 100 most commonly used Chinese characters!

100 Most Commonly Used...

Thanks for reading! This was considerably shorter than the Japanese one, but each of the links are considerably long. Hope you enjoy!!!

March 19, 2018



I think this is a pretty widely known resource, but I'd also recommend HelloChinese! It's a beginning Chinese app that has great grammar explanations along with grammar, vocab, writing, and speech practice. It's been around a while longer than DL's Mandarin course, but now I use it alongside DL and I'm finding that really helpful. (They've also developed a writing/character practice section for DL vocabulary, which is organized by lesson--very useful! If a bit hidden in the settings menu...)

http://www.hellochinese.cc/ (app store links at their site)

Anyway, thanks for the post! I'm going to try adding Pin Pin to my daily practice...

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