Is there anything other than Memrise that can make learning German easier?

March 19, 2018


I wholly recommend Lingvist and GermanPod101! and

Lingvist is basically just giving you words and you give the English translation but GermanPod101 are awesome lesson that you listen to so it will make listening and translating German so much easier!

Thank you! I will be sure to try them both!

Deutsch Welle is a german news site that also offers free online courses (and one on an app). They also have unoffical online testing for you to see which level you're at.

Check out Nicos Weg and Harry - gefangen in der Zeit (Harry - Captured in Time). Both are storylines with exercises, and both are supposed to get you to a B1 level.

Thank you, I will be sure to try it!

The one thing that can make German ( or any other language ) easier is a burning desire to master it. I studied German in high school and college, and later lived in Berlin with a non-English speaking family which made it necessary for me to speak German every day. My work in my native US only required English., so I was happy to find Duolingo which I consider the best language learning program around. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

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