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Tooltips could be more useful

When (for example) you hover over "yajbe'", a tooltip opens which says "does not understand". It would be nice if it additionally broke it down into its constituent pieces, for example:

does not understand
(-) ... yaj ... be'
he/she/it/they ... understand ... not

(or whatever it really is - I just started so I'm not entirely sure that that's the correct breakdown).

March 20, 2018

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Half way through the course the programmers figured out how to allow a word to be built in parts which would allow us to give hints for parts of words like you are suggesting. However, it would have been a lot of additional work to find and redo all the hints from before that. You may find some later hints that do something similar to that.

However, there still is no way to mark the absence of something as needing a hint. Maybe we'll ask them to work on it for Tree 2. And then we can take some time to redo all of these multipart words.

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