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Just started learning french

I just started learning French and was looking for some ideas for practicing outside of Duolingo?

March 20, 2018



Coffee Break French is good. You can learn a lot from the free resources. https://radiolingua.com/coffeebreakfrench/

News In Slow French is also good but you will probably find you run out of material in the free stuff quite quickly. https://www.newsinslowfrench.com/

Depending on where you live there may be an Alliance Francaise near you which will have cultural evenings and probably a café where you can order from a French speaker and maybe chat to a native or another learner. Finding a group on meetup.com which organized language exchange evenings is more likely unless you live in a large city.

Listening to music, watching TV and reading newspapers in French is all very easy with the internet now. Since these are mostly designed for consumption by fluent speakers they may not be great for someone who is just beginning though.


Congrats on learning French! One thing you can do is cut some paper, card stock, cardboard, cheese, or whatever into cards, write english phrases you can translate on them, and when you don’t have anything to do, you can use them. Good luck!


You can also go on Memrise! It is like Duolingo but you can add memes to help you remember. Hope this helps!


I love the Damon and Jo YouTube vidoes - they are English speakers but they do videos in French with subtitles. It helps me figure out ways to structure sentences and how to pronounce words!

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