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Strengthening exercises

I have just completed a strengthening exercise on Abstract Objects starting at a strength of 4/5, got all the answers correct (not a common event) and yet I am still shown as 4/5. This has happened before on this course, but not on any of the others I do. The "contact" button wouldn't work when I tried to report this as well. Is this a glitch on the English from Italian course only, and could someone at Duo please correct it as it's demoralising. Thanks.

March 20, 2018

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There is no guarantee that one strengthening session will always complete one segment. The 4/5 indicator is based on the strength of all individual words in the skill but strengthening will not necessarily strengthen all weakest words.


Thanks for your reply I hadn't realised that.


In the "big" skills this is quite common. The strength is related to the percentage of "old" words in a skill, so for skills with many words it can take more than 20 words to go up by one step.

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