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Why is it "mit den Jungs" rather than "mit dem Jungs"

Was recently going through the dative case module and it asked me to translate the sentence:

"The chicken plays with the boys"

Into german.

So I typed down my answer as: Der Hähnchen spielt mit dem Jungs?

Duolingo tells me that this is however incorrect as it's in the acc. case. Now I understand the whole concept of why it should be acc. but I was always told that Mit is a dative preposition. If that is the case then shouldn't it be dem (Jungs is masc, mit is dative)?

I know i am probably wrong here, but this is why I'm asking.

July 3, 2012



It is dative, but Jungs is plural, so it takes the plural form den.


just asked my boyfriend this as I thought the same when I read it. Boys is plural (die Jungs) so you're taking the plural dative of die which is den. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks guys, I feel a bit dumb now. Thanks for the answer.


In addition to what the others said: It has to be 'Das Hähnchen' (neuter).

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