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"vaS'a'vo' juHDajDaq yIt mara."

Translation:Mara walked from the Great Hall to her home.

March 20, 2018



I think I have forgotten some particularly important episode. What is the Great Hall?


Of course. I sometimes forget there are any resources other than all of you. Thank you for your patience.


No worries.

I often refer to Memory Alpha, since I haven't watched a whole lot of Star Trek and so I don't know all the references behind the words I've learned.


Strangely enough, I refer to it all the time, because I have seen all the episodes (except those on the new CBS streaming services), but I am an oldish man with a young daughter, who asks me questions that are way beyond my memory.


Just out of curiosity, mizinamo, what motivated you to study Klingon if you're not a big Star Trek fan? (Assuming, of course, that I've gleaned that fact correctly from your statement that you haven't watched it much.) :-)


I’m fascinated by languages in general, and Klingon is an interesting language.


It certainly is! And I've always been fascinated by languages, too. I just don't think I've ever met a non-Trekkie studying Klingon so extensively as you have before.

Do you mind if I ask your nationality? Or no, wait: nuqDaq 'oH juHqo'lIj'e' ? :-)


is the juH only for home ? can it refer to one's house? I know that qach is for house/building but I was wondering if juH can also be translated for house when it refers to one's house/dwelling?


juH is a home.

qach is a building. (Not necessarily a house - could be a hospital or a school or a library, for example.)

A house is a juH qach -- a building that's someone's home.

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