"Nos encantan los platos franceses."

Translation:We love French dishes.

7 months ago



since plato also means plate shouldn't "plates" be accepted

7 months ago


Duolingo told me I have an extra space and that the correct answer is "We 'lovethe' french dishes." I can't report this as wrong since I still got it marked right.

3 months ago


Me too said lovethe

2 months ago

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The correct response should be "We love French dishes." No argument here.

However, it should also accept plates, as in context this would work fine.

What troubles me is that still today, if you say "We love the French dishes," it puts the words "love" and "the" together as if there is no space ("We lovethe French dishes.), and then tells you that you are the incorrect one with too many extra spaces.

IMHO, the word "the" should be accepted, as this is still a possibility, and also the "correct" response needs to separate these two words with a space.

1 month ago



3 months ago


I think plates should be right

3 days ago


How do they work better? It is very common just like gustar. your comment is ignorant.

3 months ago


Calling another comment ignorant is, IMO, not necessary or appropriate. We are all students here with the same goal...learning a new, beautiful language.

3 weeks ago


why did they use encantan when aman or quieren would have worked better?

4 months ago

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Because they would definitely not work better. Amar and querer aren't used to express fondness for things. For that you use encantar which is basically a stronger version of gustar.

3 months ago

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Amar and querer aren't used to express fondness for things.

Amar can actually, but it's not the most natural in most countries.

2 months ago


I think Duolingo is just introducing another word, like "gustar," that flips the sentence around, making "we" the direct object rather than the subject. Your question is perfectly reasonable given that quieren would use the more common sentence structure, but we need to learn both.

3 months ago
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