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Why do I remain on same level for almost a year.

I have been on Level 25 with 68% fluency for almost a year, I do at minimum double of required 30 xp every day and never advance - why is that??

March 20, 2018



Hi Janet, you have reached the highest level you can get here on duolingo. All you can do now is gathering XPs in this tree or start a reverse tree if you want to learn even more. ;-)


On atteint le niveau 25 avec 30 000 Xp, après on peut aller jusqu'à l'infini sans changer de niveau. Duolingo a également fixé une limite au pourcentage de maîtrise, c'est un plafond infranchissable. Si tu veux tu peux faire l'arbre inverse (apprendre l'anglais comme si tu étais une native de France). Tu aurais ainsi un joli drapeau US et tu redécouvrirais les joies devoir progresser tes niveaux. Essaie, c'est instructif.

We reach level 25 with 30,000 Xp, then we can go to infinity without changing level. Duolingo has also set a limit to the percentage of mastery, it's an impassable ceiling. If you want you can do the opposite tree (learn English as if you were a native of France). You would have a nice US flag and you would rediscover the joys of progressing your levels. Try it, it's instructive.

[deactivated user]

    Janet, this is because the fluency number is completely stupid. Nobody understands it nor is it useful. It remains the worst metric ever developed by duo. Have you ever wondered how it measures how fluent you are if you are never given an actual speaking exam? To say that it measures fluency - a measure of speaking - through an app is.......

    Ignore that. It doesn't go above 70 anyways. I can speak Spanish fluently and I say that because I speak it in real world situations, not typing into an app or website. Bonne chance!


    If you want to add vocabulary, try the many, many free courses on Memrise. They have advanced courses as well as beginner. Use Slow French on Youtube to add understanding the language, and forget about the points. Go buy some of your favorite books in French and enjoy seeing how much you know!


    Try the web version. It shows you how many mistakes you make in each lesson. It is more difficult of course and you have to practice more with less XPs for each exercise. I have the impression that there are more oral questions in this version, but I have to verify it. Oral exercises add you fluency. Since you make less mistakes by the time you will see your fluency level going up. The ideal is to have 0 mistakes. In this case you can reach a level more than 70%. I managed to reach 71% for one day, but I lost it the next one.

    It is the upper limit that Duolingo can give you. I don't know anybody here with more than these percentages in fluency. Is it motivating enough? No! Duolingo should give more motivation for people having reached this upper limit to keep using it. Many users abandon the effort after finishing a tree. Actually finishing a tree makes you feel good but you don't know the language, you can understand some, but you forget it very fast.



    That's a very interesting point that you have made about XP on the app vs web. I only ever use the web as I find the app irritatingly simple and that pop-up owl makes me want to break my ipad. I have often wondered why people who have reached levels above 20 can ask very basic and obvious grammar questions. Well, now I know, merci.


    Out of curiosity, have you switched over to the 'crown' system? My impression so far is that the web version is now much closer to the tablet version - although to be fair, that is at generally level 2 or 3, I just made the switch in the past two days.


    I just switched to Crown this week, trying to bring all categories up - takes time but it's interesting.


    Level 25 is the max. I reached it some time ago but I still am seeing new vocab as I continue to work. My word count is now 3033 and fluency has been 72% for over a month. I feel that I am still learning something new everyday.


    It's time to take off the training wheels and move on. Start reading real French texts.


    Yes, I have been living in France for the past 10 years and read novels in French all the time, I can speak French, wouldn't say fluently but understandably, however the grammer is always challenging and love working with Duolingo.

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