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"Ellas se llaman Isabel y Sonia."

Translation:Their names are Isabel and Sonia.

March 20, 2018



Shouldn't "They are named Isabel and Sonia" be accepted?


Absolutely! I'm reporting it.


Cierto! Debería ser aceptado:"they are name Isabel and Sonia" al español la traducción del inglés es " sus nombres son Isabel y Sonia"


It's "they are named" not "they are name."


Very awkward English


There are a lot of ways to spell isabel and sonia :/


Well think of it this way. You're learning Spanish. When in doubt, go with the Spanish spelling of the names. If you don't know it, Spanish is very phonetic, words or names don't often include letters that don't correspond to sounds (if at all) unlike English with silent Es and PHs and all sorts of funky things going on (I blame the French influence). Spanish even indicates which syllable to stress!

So -- just sound it out and use the letters that make those sounds in Spanish.

That said, I don't think Duolingo should be marking translations incorrect based on misspelling of names (especially when it's a listening exercise), but it's not much more effort to get it right.



Literally this translates to they call themselves Isabel and Sonia. Most correct.


As I wrote above: "That is technically a correct answer but not how anyone would say it in English." So do you want to be "right" or do you want to speak languages the way they're meant to be spoken?


With all due respect, there are times when using "call themselves" as opposed to "their names are" would sound perfectly acceptable. They call themselves Batman and Robin. They call themselves Isabel and Sonia, but I call them the Dynamic Duo! To say that no native speaker of English would ever say that just isn't so (although I concede that it would certainly be less common).


I think "they are called" is a right expression, I saw it in the examples below the word "se Llaman"


It's right in Britain. It sounds funny in the U.S.


I answered "Isabel and Sonia are their names." I believe this is a correct answer. The program indicates that the correct translation is "Their names are Isabel and Sonia."


The database may not have been programmed for a change in the order of the sentence.


Isn't ellas they? Why their is used here


Because the phrasing in Spanish is "they call themselves"


What about they are called Isabel and Sonia. Isn't that a correct translation


I have read all the comments and I offer my own comment base on my experience and ask a question.? As a child I inherited the family name William. Unfortunately in my family both my grandfathers were called William. So my mother had a problem when both my grandparents were present and she wished to call me to chastise me. She called me and both my grandfathers jumped up thinking they were summoned. She overcame the problem by calling me by my third name Richard. My question is as my official name is William and is placed on official documents, am I correct to say My name is William, Mi nombre es William? However as everyone knows me as Richard, am I also correct in saying , I call myself Richard, Me llamo Richard? I offer this as a way out of this dilemma.


the are called Isabel and sonia...is not correct?


I'm not really sure whether that should be correct or not. I call my father 'Dad', but his name is 'Joe'.


Good point Rebecca.


Accepted for me I'm not certain why it originally wasn't its a direct translation and it works fine in English


When do we use 'se' vs 'le'? Are they not both used for the third person?


This can be a difficult bit of grammar. 'Le' is an indirect object/pronoun meaning 'you'. 'Se' is a reflexive pronoun which has a meaning more like 'yourself'. This article should help you with the indirect pronouns: https://writingexplained.org/grammar-dictionary/indirect-object And here is one for using reflexive pronouns: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/reflexive-verbs-and-reflexive-pronouns These are easy to read articles which explain it much better than I could.


Why isn't "They call themselves Isabel and Sonia" correct? I thought that "llaman" litrally means they call, and "se" refers to them, no?


Unless their names are actually Maria and Linda, but they call themselves Isabel and Sonia, that isn't the construction that would normally used. 'Llamarse' is 'to be called', so 'They are called Isabel and Sonia' is one way of translating this, although it's more likely that one would say 'Their names are....'


The literal translation is they call themselves Isabel and Sonia was not accepted. Why?


Because no one would ever say that in English. OK, maybe if they were fake names ("They call themselves the Captain and Tenille"), but it's important to learn what people actually say, not what could technically be correct.


Looking at the words offered for use in the sentence I chose those above. However if I I constructed my own sentences without your guidance I would have written the following, Sus nombres son Isabel and Sonia, or Ellas se llaman Isabel y Sonia would translate in English to They call themselves Isabel y Sonia.


It would translate literally into 'They call themselves....', but it's not always possible to translate literally, or we would say, 'I live in the house white' instead of 'the white house' or 'This is the book of Michael' instead of 'Michael's book'.


The Program keePs changing my answers. And there is no lower case P's on my keyboard.


Maybe it's your autocorrect that keeps changing your answers; keyboards always have all the lower case letters.


they are called Isabel and Sonia was not accepted. Can someone tell me why? thanks in advance.


This has been discussed to death here. Please read existing comments before posting repeats. But the answer is that Duo speaks American English, not British.


It also accepts British usage, and this is now accepted on 20 April 2021.


Exactly same as correct answer and it was wrong?????????


I'm afraid we in the discussion forum have no way of knowing why your answer was marked wrong, but if you copy it here we can see if you made an error.


I misspelled isabel (Isabelle)


Were you writing in Spanish? If so, Spanish spelling rules will usually tell you how to write a word. All the letters in a word will be pronounced, and there are no random double letters. As the 'll' in Spanish is considered a separate letter and is pronounced 'y', writing 'Isabelle' will give you the pronunciation 'Isa-be-yeh', whereas 'Isabel' is pronounced exactly as it is spelt.


Shouldn't "They names are Isabel and Sonia" be accepted?


Close, but no -- its THEIR names.


They call themslves isabel and sonia


They call themselves isabel and sonia. Marked wrong


I mispelled llamen using an e insted if a


I mispelled llaman using an e instead of an a, so why isn't a simple misppell?. You understood what I ment didn't you?


Because it's a different conjugation, not just a misspell.


Would it be possible to say Ellas son Isabel y Sonia (They're Isabel and Sonia)?

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