Are there are still plans to update the Irish tree?

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Hi. I completed the Irish tree here months ago, but I have kept maintaining every skill golden since then while using other resources outside Duo.

I understand that the course creators might not have much time, that’s ok and I’m already happy that Duolingo Irish exist – it changed my life :), but when I see the number of sentences with errors that haven’t been corrected for years and/or things that should obviously be accepted but aren’t, I really get the impression that the Irish course here has been completely abandoned. Sad :(

March 20, 2018


The last status update from the course creators was ten months ago at this writing, so your guess is as good as anyone else’s regarding their progress on “Tree 2.0”.

March 20, 2018

Sad to say, Irish is not the only course with this issue.

March 20, 2018

I started Irish about a year ago on duolingo and stopped my studies because of the errors. I have recently started learning on a new account. Praying that there are some changes!

Can you let us know what other resources you use?

Thank you,

March 21, 2018

There are only a few errors in the course and they are almost all quite minor. Not a big deal and certainly not enough of an excuse to not use this wonderful resource. The discuss sentence function is an excellent source of help and clarification. Even the best textbooks have some errors. People make errors in speech all the time.

March 22, 2018

What other resources are you using to learn Irish?

Or relearn, I would guess if you are from Ireland

March 20, 2018
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Gabhaigí mo leithscéal as gan freagra a thabhairt níos luaithe ! Agus ní as Éirinn dom

galaxyrocker wrote a long post containing resources here

For vocabulary, at first I only made lists of words I learnt here on Duolingo, but then I started making cards with Anki. Some people have told me that cards don’t work well for them. They do help me memorise things, but it is time-consuming for sure. I make an effort to learn the gender and declensions of nouns.

For grammar, I have been using Nancy Stenson’s "Basic Irish" and "Intermediate Irish" books, and Gramadach na Gaeilge (read the German version if you can understand it, because the English one is a very old translation that hasn’t been updated).

Other than that I’m often on the Celtic Languages Discord server, I have watched some episodes of Now You’re Talking, and I have read a few articles on nó or, and a few short stories so far. I sometimes listen to Raidió na Gaeltachta, but to be honest, I still struggle a lot with oral comprehension

March 23, 2018

I love Duolingo. I like to supplement DL with the massive store of Irish language songs one can get on YouTube. I also loved “ Caca Milis” with Brendan Gleeson I saw on you tube as well. If I still had connections alive I wish I could Skype with a native speaker but I feel a little too low. But I fear I always will if I don’t. We live in the Philippines, across from Apo Island and would be happy to host Irish speaking divers in return for some conversation. In a couple of years the plan is to relocate to the Gaeltacht.

May 5, 2019
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