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"Ještě jsem ten dopis nenapsala."

Translation:I haven't written the letter yet.

March 20, 2018



“Ještě” can be translated as “yet” or “still”. However, yet and still are not always interchangeable. In this word order the use of “still” would be perfectly acceptable English — “I still have not written the letter.”


It is accepted. Use "My answer should be accepted" in these cases. Duolingo has bugs in the grading procedure.


Why is used here nenapsala/ Why not used nepsala


Check the Tips and notes about aspect. Nepsala means she was not writing (for example, when writing something takes multiple days). Nenapsala means she did not write the letter (probably did not even start but certainly did not finish).

typo/mistake corrected


Exactly. Minor correction: either "had not written" or "did not write", but never "did not wrote."


I did not write... Why is incorrect?


Addressing only the English side of this exercise, to me (native AmE), there is little difference between "I have not written the letter yet" and "I didn't write the letter yet, as we don't have context to determine whether one should be preferred over the other.

In this exchange, for example, both might be used:

A: Did Jack answer your letter? / Has Jack answered your letter?
B: Um... no. I didn't write the letter yet. / Um... no. I haven't written the letter yet.

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